Sunday, October 23, 2011

Autism vs. Neesha: Saved by a Butterfinger

My son has been in rare form these days. I gotta give the kid his due credit, though. He hasn't thrown any stuffed dolphins at my head lately and has been a pleasant, giggly sidekick for exactly one week today. Do you have any idea what one tantrum-free week is like in my world? Imagine this ... you leave work on pay day. You get in your car, and there's another paycheck waiting for you. Ohhh yea. It's that good.

                  <== Nabeel at Kroger today.

We had a close call today at the grocery store. He's been doing this hyperventilating, rocking back-and-forth number and has been getting more anxiety attacks in busy places. Today at Kroger, I had approximately 20 minutes to perform, what I call, a grab-n-go grocery run. He was quiet for the most part. It was the body flailing, heavy breathing and bug-eyed faces he kept making at people that was unsettling.

I had to go into my fake-bubbly mommy voice mode that gives me a headache. Not that I'm a grump or anything, but I usually talk to him in a normal mom-talking-to-13-year-old tone. I kept asking him to help me find stuff (that I really didn't need help finding) to keep him focused. And I thought he was gonna lose it at the checkout counter until I saw his eyes twinkle at a Butterfinger. Aha!

So I told him in my fake-bubbly mom voice that if he stood still until we got to the car, he'd have himself a Butterfinger fix. He contained his flailing well enough and got his reward. That's been my saving grace during this rough patch -- the reward system. It's not always FOOD (although, for me, that would be the best kind).

He loves riding elevators and escalators. Sometimes the treat is to go to the mall and ride his favorite escalator! Dillard's, which has three levels. Thrilling, I know. There's also a random office building I know of that has a five-story elevator made of glass. So I take him there just to go for a reward ride. Hey, whatever works, right.

So in peace ends the glorious weekend. Thank you, thank you, thank you, lord! :) And thank you for reading, reader! Until next time ...


  1. Great Post, Love the new Blog! ~B

  2. Love the drawing Kwel Blog (the new way of spelling cool)

  3. Thanks so much! :) I'm so much happier in this new shell. I have so many cool things planned for this blog. Thanks a million for your support.