Thursday, October 27, 2011

Game over ... wait, no it's not

I have a FEW hobbies like writing, reading, blogging, watching TV, making arts and crafts, cooking, sleeping, eating, texting, Facebooking, Tweeting, reading other people's blogs, designing funny posters and comics, cleaning house, listening to music, shopping, singing in the car, hangin' with my spawn, playing Wii Tennis, people watching, praying, watching random YouTube videos, surfing the Web, watching soccer, talking, making up nicknames for people I don't like in my mind, yawning, scribbling in my thoughts notebook with my purple pen, stargazing (without a telescope), watching movies and playing games on Facebook.

Speaking of games on Facebook!

Scrabble is my favorite! And I love it so much that I get sad when a game ends, kind of like that amazing book you read now and then (like the Harry Potter series!), and you fall in love with all the characters and words and it becomes real, and you don't want it to end! SO! I found a way for it not to end ... my Scrabble game, that is.

Yes. You heard me. I shall present to you one of my favorite Scrabble game results and with it, I will use all the words from the board to make a story off the top of my head. As if writing stories night and day is not enough word action for me, I need MORE. The ABCs are my life, if you haven't noticed already. I live by the sword and die by the sword - I say that because sword is 'words' with the s on the opposite side so to me, it totally fits what I'm trying to express. Right ... on to the Scrabble board story-making endeavor. This is way harder than it looks. (That's what she said.) It will require skill, knowledge, creativity and time! Let's see what I can come up with.

The words: wo, zoeae, go, inkier, jota, viva, it, ed, qis, post, file, tardy, sex, hi, en, lip, find, er, bam, do, bendays, wolver, oe, wait, lot, trooper, God, jersey, vouch, argent, ki, if, site, lax, ai, en, damp, if, headed, in, roc, ab, me.

"Wo!" said Dexter at the oncoming traffic as he headed hurriedly across the street. If he was tardy to his jota dance class, his girlfriend would have to wait, and he would get no sex later and find himself in the dog house. Her name was Nickie but he nicknamed her "Ki," short for her name and after the Sumerian goddess because she was indeed his goddess. He didn't want to go because it was no fun getting his jersey all damp with sweat as he swayed to the music. But thank God he made it through like a trooper because he wanted to impress Ki so she would post a nice stat about him later on Facebook.

"Viva la novia!" he yelled as he maneuvered her across the dance floor in a state of euphoria. He kissed her on her top lip, and she became infuriated! "Er! How dare you exhibit such lax behavior toward me, Dexter! You know I hate PDA! If you don't act right, how can I vouch for you!"

She made a scene as she walked out and slammed the door with a "bam!" Dexter felt like the roc in the room, and just like the mythical giant bird, he was suddenly standing out and feeling humiliated as everyone stared at him like they'd never seen the likes of him before. This dance floor was the very site where he'd met Ki, and now he felt sad.

Dexter was a marine biologist but also highly educated in zoology. He was obsessively studying the reproduction cycle of the zoeae. He missed Ki a lot and decided to call her to say hi and impress her with his knowledge. He pulled out a file and scribbled some factoids in his notebook. The pages got inkier with his constant jotting, and his pages were covered in dots like bendays as he nervously scribbled and pondered what he was going to say to Ki. "Oe! I'm finally ready to woo my woman with words," he said as he reached for the phone. Like a wolver about to capture his prey, he gritted his argent teeth and dialed eagerly.

"Ki! I miss you," said Dexter. "I can't stop scribbling the letter en all over my notebook."

"En? Umm, OK." said Ki.

"En is for Nickie and novia! And you are my novia. I keep scribbling that letter all over my notebook because I miss you!"

"I don't care, Dexter! I'm mad at you!" said Ki.

"You will be angry with me no more, my goddess! Because I shall dazzle you with my knowledge! Did you know that the ai is a three-toed sloth that inhabits the forests of southern Venezuela, the Guianas and northern Brazil, having a diet apparently restricted to the leaves of the trumpet-tree, and sounding a high-pitched cry when disturbed?"

"WTF!?" yelled Ki.

"AND! Did you know that qis is a Chinese word for vital energy that is believed to circulate around the body in currents!?"

"Dexter, wtf are you talking about! Are you drinking again?"

"Oh and I bet you didn't know that ab is the 11th month in the Jewish calendar!"

"Dexter! This is not the way to apologize! I'm hanging up now!"


"I'm sorry, Ki ..." said Dexter into the disconnected line. He logged on to Facebook and started playing Scrabble. He forgot all about Nickie after he secured a big-time victory with a 7-letter Bingo and a smile.  

The end.

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