Monday, October 24, 2011

I scored TEN times on a Monday

I'm going to demonstrate to you why Mondays don't suck (all the time). I had one hell of a day, and I don't mean that in a bad way for a change. I kept expecting something really sucky to happen because it's Monday, and the societal tradition is that Mondays totally suck it. And it totally DIDN'T today. In fact, I had a serious case of the giggles all day long and probably drove my co-workers nuts.

I was so excited that I made you a picture book of my day! So peep on, peepers!

This is what I had for breakfast. It's chocolate. A great value. Sugar free, but the fine print next to that said "not a low calorie food." Meh ... you can't have it all. Two outa three ain't bad, or at least that's what I've always heard. Score!

This is my cubicle mate for the month of October. And just because he's my cube mate doesn't mean we actually mate. He's way too soft for me. (That's what she said.) I have a thang for Halloween decor. I know it's like this evil, unholy day, but I don't give a ish about all that. I just like the cool-themed candy and the funny decorations. Oh, and I made this my profile pic on Facebook. Score!

I was in a cooking mood last night, so around 7 p.m., I decided to bust out with this little doozie. It's red beans, white rice and stewed chicken - Trinidadian style (because I'm a Trini, that's why). I had the yummy leftovers for lunch today. I hate using the icky public microwave at work almost as much as I hate using public restrooms, so I hopped over to mom's crib, which is 15 minutes away. Another SCORE for good, self-made food heated up in a maternal microwave.

OK. This Honeynut Cheerios box was sitting on the kitchen table staring at me as I happily devoured my stupendous food. I try to keep my mind out of the gutter, but things like this make it really, really hard difficult for me. Either I'm just twisted or someone at Cheerios is twisted or both. Or maybe they're oblivious to sexual innuendos and I'm the trashy one ... In any case, when I see "sticky situation" then "touch," "nutty," and "yummy," it corrupts my innocent mind. But I sure did lmao when I saw it. So SCORE another one for laughter and filth.

I got back from lunch geared up to get some mega work done, and I notice this outside our work window. How can you not laugh your ass off if you see this outside your window? So naturally, I took a phone pic just for you! :) Score another one for laughter and a silly deer.

Then I had to walk to another building to drop something off, and I get in the elevator. This is the ceiling of the elevator. Don't panic! It's not REAL honeycombs; no bees attacked me. It's just a design. Snapshot and score one for random cool thing!

Right ... so I get back to my work area, and guess what! I see a skunk crawling in the lawn outside our window. So of course, I had to drop everything and take a pic. Score one for ... for ... ummm ... a random skunk in the yard that made me go "WTF! I gotta get a pic of that thing."

Then I got home after a long, lovely day. I had no appetite so I had some healthy Lipton decaff green tea in my brand new, cool mug I got as a gift a few months ago. The built-in spoon just rocks my world. Oh yea! I also decided to take a walk on the wild side of life and drink TEA in a cup that says COFFEE. Wew!! That was a rush. Go, me! Score one for a no-calorie dinner! (Or so I thought!)

My beautiful, sweet sister (who I call 'mop head' because she has gorgeous'er hair than me) stopped by and surprised us with McDonald's. We heart McD's, as in ... its artery-clogging food is so damn good that we don't mind risking our lives to eat it. Score one for no-calorie dinner being thwarted by sisterly love! But that's not the end of my glorious Monday!

Score one for husband-substitute!

So there you have it. I just proved that Mondays really aren't so bad. When was the last time you scored TEN times on a Monday. Yes, go back and count. TEN! I'm a lucky lady.

Now it's time to let Monday go and rest. Scoring ten times in one day is mighty tiring (yawwwn).

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Thanks for letting me borrow your eyeballs. :)

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