Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm giving away MONEY!

Really. I am. In the form of a $25 dollar gift card. It's as easy as 1-2-FREE! The rules are quite simple. Just go and 'like' my business page on Facebook (, then get other people to like the page! Each person you get to like my page needs to write on my wall saying that YOU sent them. That way YOU get credit for the 'like' and whoever gets the most people to 'like' my page by Nov. 15 wins a $25 gift card!

It's an easy breezy chance to win money with not much effort. Still not convinced? Here are 25 reasons why you should hustle me some 'likes' for my page and try to win that $25 gift card:

1. You can buy 25 items at the dollar store (plus tax). And dollar stores have cool stuff nowadays. Look!
I bought Hawaiian lei 3-packs and about $25 worth made
me some pretty unique curtains for my bedroom! 

2. The contest is frickin' EASY!

3. By participating, you're actually practicing for my future contests that will be awesomeR.

4. I will blow kisses in your general direction forever.

5. You have nothing to lose (unless it's against your religion to get people to like fb pages).

6. I 'm good at promoting joy and laughter so I'd say it's a worthy cause.

7. You probably spend a lot of time on Facebook anyway, so the contest is right in your face.

8. It's almost Thanksgiving, and $25 could help fund some of your feast.

9. We're nearing the holiday season, and $25 can buy at least one gift, if not two.

10. Have you noticed gas prices? I'm sure 25 bucks could help fill your tank!

11. A $25 gift card could fund your lunch for a week.

12. Contests are fun.

13. Whether you win or not, all the people you refer will worship you because I'll keep them entertained and they'll be happy the clicked that 'like' button.

14. You're doing a noble deed by helping me expand my readership and possibly gain new clients.

15. There might just be a runner up prize :)

16. It would make me super happy.

17. You'll have my undying gratitude.

18. Santa might take you off the naughty list for taking the time to do something nice.

19. I'll send you an e-hug.

20. Because Nike said to Just Do It.

21. You won't regret it.

22. What goes around comes around, meaning help me and welcome some good karma your way.

23. You would rise to a new level of coolness.

24. It's the right thing to do.

25. Because I'm saying please ... PLEASE.

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