Sunday, November 13, 2011

Earthbound dreams

Earthbound, meaning down-to-Earth. (I hate cliches). Plus, I don't daydream about going to the moon or Mars so my goals are quite Earth-related. And I also don't set goals that seem impossible like meeting dinosaurs or flying like Superman. I believe every person has a list of things they want to do. I won't say "before they die" because duhhhh, that's kind of obvious. I hear people say it all the time. "I made a list of things I want to do before I die." Unless you have a way of doing them after you die, that phrase is somewhat of an oxymoron.

My list isn't as cliche as some; it's very ME, which is what making a things-I-want-to-do list should reflect. I don't have goals on mine like winning the lottery, climbing Mt. Everest, meeting someone famous, discovering I have super powers or owning the fancy ride of my dreams.

Mine is more practical because the point of making it isn't just to be a dreamer. It's to actually strive to accomplish these things some day.

So below is a chart I made to illustrate how deeply I ponder this to-do list thing. Making such a list is a good thing to do, ya know. It's amazing how much a visual can inspire you. If you've never done this, you should try it, not necessarily in a graphic like I did but even on pen and paper. Challenge yourself to come up with a list of things you truly want to do that may seem unattainable right now but are definitely possible.

Not only do I think about what I want to accomplish, I also keep track of how close I am to reaching these personal dreams.

Hope you had a dreamy weekend! Once again, thank you for your eyes, and I wish you a beautiful day tomorrow.


  1. Love the list! It will follow you everywhere! Setting goals is great. An unmet goal is a goal not even planned.

  2. I try to keep my list practical so I can actually SEE possibilities. I can't wait to start checking stuff off. I have a newfound appreciation for "lists" nowadays thanks to a certain awesome chick who introduced them into my vida loca. *wink*