Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Friendship begins with a click

I was thinking about some crazy stuff today. Mostly about how different the world is thanks to technology and the inception of social media. If there was no Facebook, what would you do with your Fb time? (read and write) How would you invite people to things? (call or text or better yet, never plan anything and be a hermit ... way easier) Would you remember anyone's birthday, and if you did, would you bother to find a way to tell them HBD? (I normally remember the month but not the day, so I'd be screwed unless they came out of my womb, are in my immediate family or married to me) Would you feel like you had enough real-life friends? (No, but that's normal) How many of the people on your friends list do you truly know and talk to outside of Fb? (At least one)

To me, it's been a wondrous experience, because I try to use it for the greater good. I get so pissed when I hear people (particularly the older generations and the technology haters) say Facebook is evil and bad and full of predators! Umm, newsflash, predators existed before Facebook. I connected with the husband of my dreams on there. And one of the best friends I've ever had, who I cannot imagine my life without, who is an essential part of my day, was a random add just because I liked his name, so ha!

It's also been an ideal forum for networking since I started a business and a fun way of sharing my thoughts and craziness with willing participants. I love you, participants!!! :)

As far as Facebook or any other social media site being bad and evil, let me ask you this. If one person takes a vacuum cleaner and bashes another person over the head with it, is the vacuum cleaner to blame?

Adding a friend

Would you walk up to a total stranger and say "Will you be my friend?" Probably not, but most people do it on Facebook by clicking one button. I have! As I said in regards to my random add who turned out to be a dear friend, among others.

This gives shy people a way to crack that shy shell. It gives people without a social life a way to meet new people, whether for romance or just chillin'. You can play interactive games and join groups that can offer help or support you need or just make you laugh every day. I connected with some people from my high school days who I never even talked to in high school because of the social ranking system that I never seemed to find a place in.

Deleting a friend

Do you have the balls to tell someone to his/her face - "You're not my friend anymore" just because? Most times, no, unless they really piss you off and you just go postal. I was deleted and blocked by someone I see almost every day. That makes for awkward (and hostile) moments. Here's a little factoid for ya. If you block someone on Fb, they do not vanish in real life. And use that option sparingly because in today's world, that's unforgivable with no turning back. From my personal experience, this is something people do out of haste, and the person who was banished didn't really do anything that awful.

 Keeping in touch

The old letter-writing days were special. Handwritten sentiments were like snowflakes. No two were ever the same, and typos couldn't be erashed erased, just scratched out. I have a binder where I keep all the letters and cards I got from family in Trinidad and elsewhere during my childhood. I'm so grateful that I got to experience that, and mine was one of the last generations that got to see that pen-and-paper era. Now, everyone is an instant message or Fb post away. Personalizing means changing your font color or making the text bold or all caps. Color me old fashioned, but I still love and appreciate hand-written sentiments and genuine friendship.

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