Saturday, November 12, 2011

Two feet closer

I have a foot fetish. Not necessarily with other people's but mostly my own. Sometimes with other people's, it just depends. It's been a thing since I was a young'en. The footz always have to be well groomed and beautified. It's all part of my girly girl nature, I suppose. Nail polish is a must, and nail art is the icing on the cake foot.

Today, I had a moment of terror! A moment that every foot fetisher has nightmares about! I got in my car as an ideal foot fashionista and when I got to my destination ... Nooooooo! A whole sliver of nail polish had come off the left king toe.

There was no turning back. I had to be brave and face the public with an imperfect toe. Plus, the bank was only open for the next 25 minutes, so I had to go in. I nearly broke a sweat, and it felt like my toe was screaming at everyone, "Hey everybody! Stare at me! Stare at me! Bwahahahaha!"

If you read this post , then you know that I am the problem chopper! So of course I had a solution ready to roll. I reached into my trusty makeup bag and BAM!!!! I had my bottle of nail polish on call, ready for damage control. I propped up my foot on a bench right outside the bank and filled in the missing splotch, exhaled and rocked on like the warrior I am.

Now, don't assume that I go around hatin' on people's feet. I do, but only in my mind and only if it's horrendous. I'm generally not concerned with feet that are not a part of my daily world. Also, in a previous post about distractions - - I briefly mentioned a guy I used to talk to who had Supercalifragilisticexpialidociously long toenails.

Yes, I did hate on his because he was tryin' to holla, which made him a potential in-my-daily-world candidate and qualified for foot analysis. Playing footsies with him could have been fatal. And all I saw was a future of slashed sheets, open wounds and toenails that didn't believe in ladies first because they were so long they were always several minutes ahead.

Foot care is an essential part of a diabetic's life as well, so I'm not totally crazy for obsessing over it. I can thank family history and an entire childhood of Snickers and Coke for becoming LITERALLY too sweet for my own good. That is the notion that heightens my foot fetishism.

Thanks for visiting! Cheers and happy Saturday, beautiful people!

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