Sunday, December 4, 2011

Birds don't sky rage

Road rage is a pet peeve of mine. And I'm not saying it's NEVER warranted. I'm talking about people who get irate over every simple little thing, like road rage is a way of life. Like once, I got in my friend's car to ride with her to a work function some years ago. As soon as we sat in the car, before she even turned on the engine, she said "Buckle up and put on your ear plugs because I've got some bad road rage!" It was a WTF moment. I mean, really? Before you even turn the car on you're road raging? That's BS, in my humble opinion.

There are billions of people on this planet, all of which have different personalities, attention spans, abilities, tendencies, ages, mentalities, hairstyles ... I mean, do you really think your driving experience will be ideal when hundreds and thousands of different characters share the roadways? The road is one place you SHOULD be pessimistic because your disappointment is inevitable. Sad to say.

Humans are the superier and most intelligent beings of all living things, right? Then, why can't we control our own emotions at least a fraction of the time? You can look up and see hundreds of birds in a flock, flying together in harmony in a big pretty triangle with no problem whatsoever yet Lulu the Lane Changer gets flipped off and cussed out by Bubba the Big Truck Bully because he was inconvenienced for 2 seconds by having to push on his breaks a little harder and sooner than he planned.

But "bird" brain is considered an insult ... I beg to differ sometimes. Shouldn't we use the God-given reasoning skills we're supposed to have to realize that maybe ... just maybe ... that person who cut you off ----------> DIDN'T ACTUALLY MEAN TO!?

What if road ragers were to act out the same way in other cases where people do them wrong (in their minds)? Imagine every few seconds while at the grocery store, somebody is yelling and flipping off people because a person going down the same lane pushed their cart too close to the rager's cart. Or God forbid someone walks too close and bumps into them.

A friend of mine had a recent experience with a road rager.

"Yea -- that happened to me earlier this week. I was headed to work merging into the far left lane on I-10 East but I misjudged my spacing on the merge.

There still was room but I made that driver really angry. He came around me, got in front of me and hit his brakes really hard. So I just went around in another lane and kept going to avoid confrontation.

People like that don't need to be behind the wheel and seriously need some help. I've been in the reverse situation many times and I don't get angry, I just drive defensively!"

Another friend of mine had a terrible experience! This dude should have went to jail, IMO.

"Wow... some drivers are a little bit nuts. My cookie troop manager and I missed our exit and had to drive around to get back to the freeway. I was trying to cross to the turn lane and ended up cutting someone off in the lane. Not only did he race in front of me to brake hard in front of me on the freeway, but then he followed me for over 20 minutes. He only stopped because the police arrived to subdue him. I did not provoke him at all after I got in that line, I swear.

He even circled a parking lot several times behind me before the police arrived. The cops met us at the Girl Scout store on 59. Crazy Dude jumped out of his vehicle thinking he was going to get justice. He did. He was reprimanded for his behavior and cuffed while the cop searched his car. I didn't press charges, just wanted him to stop following us."

Ridiculous!! This is what I'm talking about. Road rage is one thing, but some people take it way too far and need to chill the F out.

See you next time!

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