Thursday, December 29, 2011

Products with a purpose

I wanted to share some valuable discoveries I've made recently. Whether it makes you laugh, cry, break stuff or purchase stuff that could enhance your life, I get warm and fuzzy inside just knowing I made a difference. That sentiment was 50 percent sincere, 40 percent sarcasm and 10 percent humor, btw.

To begin my show-and-tell of glamorous products, I bring you ...

Forever Lazy

I saw this at Dollar General, but during my episodes of insomnia the past week, I happened to catch the actual infomercial on TV and found it for you on YouTube, so peep this and please notice how happy these folks are in their new fleece body suits.  "You'll be the talk of the next tail gate party." The zippered back hatch is my favorite feature. I can't emphasize that enough.

These I found at Walgreens while I was killing time during my lunch hour. You wouldn't believe the unbeatable deals you can score at the local drug store.

Do you know how many times I've said to myself, "I really need some Mayo for my hair." NONE. But I found this quite compelling. Mayo, fertilizer and pudding for your hair. As crazy and nasty as it sounds, I bet you it actually works but I'm not going to try it. If you do (or have), let me know because I love to critique products and discover which outside-the-box type stuff actually makes life better. So yea, I'm making fun of it, but at the same time, I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt.

This doozie, I found at Kroger. I didn't even have to read the fine print to know this had to be Cajun. I think I recall some old saying that something tastes so good it makes you wanna slap your mama, which I still don't get because that is never a good thing to do, is it?

I wonder what would happen if I put Slap Ya Mama and Hair Mayonnaise and Hair Fertilizer and hair pudding in my scalp all at once! Maybe the mixture would be a whole new product with a whole new purpose and become my claim to fame!

Now here's an aisle I can't wait to meander through! I was walking around looking for Aleve, which was oddly difficult to find and I looked up and saw this. I felt self-conscious just using this aisle as a short cut for fear people would flee away from me thinking I was bug infested and warty.

And on another note, what do warts and lice have in common to be on the same aisle? That's kind of weird, CVS. Do we have THAT many people who need this aisle that it warranted a sign of its own? Ewww.
Umm, Dollar General, are these supposed to be used together? Just wondering because they're side-by-side and all ... I mean, I'm getting confused about what's food and what's for my hair and scalp. When they're stocked alongside each other by the experts, who am I to differentiate.

Thanks for chillin' with me! See you again soon.


  1. It's sulphur pasta night tomorrow at my house. Yum. I like the lice and warts aisle; you realize just how often people must ask for these two things.

  2. :) Thanks!

    Yea, this totally inspires so many dinner ideas. And I am so grateful for the warts and lice aisle, lemme tell ya lol.