Thursday, January 5, 2012

Disturbing images are disturbing

I wander through life trying to do three things: stay alive, laugh a whole lot and take pictures of things that disturb me. Those may not be the most popular three things to put on a daily to-do list, but I'm not an average broad. Wherever I roam, I always find weird things. I'm not complaining. I'm actually rejoicing that the world is so full of blog material. Now come along. Let's take a look at some of my unforgettable finds.

Most people who know me well, know that I detest grass. This is a perfect example of why I don't trust, nor feel comfy and cozy anywhere near this green abyss of piss that is also full of bugs, insects, poop, shoe discharge, spit and a lot more junk that is normally unseen at a glance. *Bleh*

Right, so I'm browsing through a friend's gift catalog and stumble upon this gem. Or should I say "these" gems. I like it because it's disturbing, yet disgustingly hilarious. And I wish I knew a golfer who would appreciate such a gift.

I got thirsty at Dollar General the other day and went to look for the water fountains. After I found them, I suddenly became very un-thirsty. Not sure why ...

I enthusiastically logged in to Groupons to see what hot deals I could find. Now ... either I'm a complete dumbass or this ad makes no effin' sense. If you can decipher this for me, please do. Otherwise, I'm gonna ask for sardines next time I go to the movies.

Oh yea? Is that right? Hiring "most" positions, eh. So, if I'm interested, am I supposed to just follow you or pull up next to you and holla, because I don't see a contact number. *smdh*

"Mommy, why is Santa begging us to sell our gold?" Good question, spawn! Santa is better known for GIVING, not taking. This is one of my favorite disturbing images I took. Imagine little kids who fully believe in the Cringle and what they must feel when they see him panhandling on the roadside, stalking cars. I'm not a kid, nor do I believe in Santa, and this creeped me out.

Thank you for paying attention to me. See you again soon! And next time, bring your friends. *wink*

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