Monday, January 30, 2012

Laugh or die

One priceless lesson I've learned in dealing with the dark side of autism is that laughter is a MUST-HAVE every day. It becomes just as essential as stuff like air, water, purple pens and Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies. I had two days of pleasantness with Nabeel, then last night I paid for it dearly. He screamed himself to sleep, and it was so loud, my older spawn said he heard it from the sidewalk outside. Lovely. What will the neighbors think? IDRGAF. I got up this morning with a positive attitude, then he woke up ... and screamed again.

I went to work with a horrible headache and a nasty, mean, FML attitude. I snapped at people and frowned. I tried to have a positive thought around 1:45 p.m., but it was repelled by my nasty, mean, FML attitude. If not for hearing the sexy voice of my overseas love on the phone first thing this morning, I would have been in an even nastier, meaner, FMLer mood.

His voice is as thrilling as that moment when you're at a restaurant starving and waiting, about to start eating your napkins and gnawing on the edge of the table. And you even contemplate ordering two appetizers because you feel like you'll die of starvation waiting for the main dish to arrive. Then finally! You see your food coming toward you on a platter, and all your internal organs get the warm and fuzzy feeling. Yea, that's what his voice is like. Mmmmmm ... Solace.

Another absolutely necessary and vital component of daily autism survival therapy is friendship. A perfect example is the photo you see of Heinz Spotted Dick sponge pudding. Only a true and loyal friend would text that to me saying "I saw this and thought of you!" Little did she know, she made me LMFAO for like 10 minutes and helped me feel a whole lot better. I'm definitely a fan of Spotted Dick sponge pudding, even though I never heard of it prior to 2:29 p.m. today via BFF text and even though its name gives off an STD vibe. It's so incredibly awesome that I don't even need another graphic in this blog post.

Innuendos linked to Spotted Dick:

It STANDS alone
Is a perfect GAG gift
It's HARD to come by

Thank you, Heinz. I love your ketchup, and now I love your Spotted Dick.

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