Friday, January 6, 2012

My book becomes a reality


For the past several months, you have all heard me gabbing about this book I've been writing for umpteen years and that it's finally finished. Well, today, I'll elaborate on that so you know wassup, and what to expect! I'll even give you a sneak peak of the book cover. ;-)

It's the biggest project of my crazy life and is a compilation of many, many things I've seen, heard, done, imagined and experienced. You go through things in life, experience things, daydream about things and then wonder, "Why the hell did that just happen? What was the point of it all?" Well, as a writer, everything turns into a story. And this book validates all I've seen and experienced. I started it in 2006 and didn't get much done in the midst of being a mom, a full-time student and working. I'm no famous author, just a normal writer who loves what I do and poured a whole lot of thoughts into a Word document.

My mom taught me how to fully read by age 5, which kickstarted my obsession with words even from that age. It was love at first letter, been hooked ever since. I was a bullied kid, but survived. I entered spelling bees but my shyness and fear of bullies hindered my success. Junior high was a nightmare. I went through a depression as a kid. High school was no better, still got bullied a whole lot, which became mainly about race and religion (among other things). Then I got preggo. Became a mom and wife by 18. Career dreams - screeching halt. Odd jobs. Bills. Marriage. One too many life lessons learned the hard way. Had two amazing sons, the youngest of which has autism - another of life's hardest lessons that I'm still enduring. Still birth, lost son #3. *tear* Then divorce. *tears dried* Moved back home with my babies. Lived out of folks' living room for 7 years to put myself through school. Earned BA in Communication. VP gave me a standing ovation after telling my life story during UHCL commencement ceremony, a milestone moment. Couple more odd jobs, then landed a gig as a public relations specialist/journalist at NASA. Moved into a nice rent house. Kids and I finally have our own space. Survived a couple heartbreaks, a layoff (got my job back), debt up to my eyeballs and autism rollercoaster rides to hell and back. Survived a 9-month depression. Met the man of my dreams. Started a writing business and blog. Made the best friends of my life.

And now ... after a lifetime of having to push it aside. 

I wrote a book. :) My life's biggest project, and something I've only dreamed of doing since I was a kid.

It's in peer review right now, and the plan is to indie publish it on Amazon within the next few weeks. Tonight, as a thank you for reading my blog, I will share with my readers, for the first time ever ... my book cover. I took the photo myself while in an airplane coming back home from Trinidad. You are the first to see it. Thank you all for your support. It's appreciated so much more than you can imagine. :)

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