Thursday, January 19, 2012


As promised, here are the links to the Awkward Moments blog series from yesteryear. "Curse of the Red Moon" has to be my fav. That's when my skirt dropped at the busy international airport in Trinidad, and I mooned dozens of innocent people at the security checkpoint. Yea, that was something to be remembered. I assure you, they're all worth a read. So, save this link, and tackle it as "something to read when I'm bored and need something to read" material.

My regular blog post is beneath all the linky links.

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#1 The awkward moments collection

While I've been on the topic of the Awkward Moments blog post revival, I started thinking of other things (from back in the day) that I wish would come back.

Like ...
Yo! MTV Raps Returns for 1
I remember when I used to leap off the steps of the school bus and sprint into the house, drop myself Indian style (no pun intended) on the floor, all excited because "Yo! MTV Raps" would start minutes after I got home. I love me some old school rap, yo. I still jam that in my car all the time, yo (so-to-speak). I find it to be quite stress relieving, yo. It's good-mood music to me, yo.

And reminds me of a time when life was bill-free and body fat-free. I don't like what MTV has become since then. Sigh ...

I guess I like things that remind me of childhood. I loved the hell out of disco and funk music as a mini-human. I was a big time Michael Jackson fan, especially in those days. I'm not ashamed to say that I still rock the boogie in my car now and then! Not all of it is cheesy, okay. Here's one of my favorite Jackson post-disco hits.
Disco is cool to jam when you're cleaning house or when you're pissed off.

(Heads up ... this may be a blog post by itself one of these days. I have so much to say about disco.)

Another item I wish would come back is ... money. Is it still green? I haven't seen any in so long that I forgot. Sometimes I dream about it. I may get to see some soon, because I got my light bill today and realized I paid it twice by accident. Who does that? So, since I don't have to pay it thrice, I may be reunited with some good old dead presidents pretty soon. Momma needs a new pair 'a shoes! (I really don't, but just felt like saying that.)

That's it for now, sugars!

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