Saturday, January 7, 2012

Stuff I learned today


My kitchen and upstairs bathroom are undergoing some renovation this weekend, so I was stuck in my room most of the day, as were my spawn. Construction is quite noisy, to say the least, and we had it on both floors. While trapped in my room, I realized that no matter where you are or what you're doing, life is a definite learning experience. Here are five things I learned today while stuck in my unavoidable time-out.

1. You should never eat an orange while the taste of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups is still in your pie hole.

2. Autism + Construction in the home = panic attacks. My poor kiddo. All the noise was just too much for him. I sent my oldest to pick up food, and Nabeel seemed disappointed with McDonald's but he ate it. An hour later, he was mumbling and sounding like he was about to lose it, so I noticed 2 extra nuggets in the McD's bag. I thought I was doing a great thing by surprising him with extra chicken nuggets, but when he saw them, he flipped out because there were no extra FRIES to accompany them. Silly, me! *growl* After that, there was no escape, so I had to put him in the Jeep and take him for a ride, leaving the workers at the house. It was an emergent need for fresh air and fries. Talk about a plan backfiring. =/

3. The Kroger brand pain relief pills actually work. I was sitting on my bed so long that I think I welded myself into the fabric and couldn't move anything but my arms. Aleve was on the dresser. Kroger pain pills were on the bedside table. Headache erased within 25 minutes via drug that was closest to my arms.
4. If I sit in one spot for too long, Cabin Fever will set in and make me think I'm seeing spiders on the walls, but it's not. It's either a spot that had a thumb tack and left a hole; an irregular splotch of paint that isn't your fault; a spot from something that nicked the wall; or just my bored imagination. I must say, if it is a real spider, I have a knack for eyeballing those bitches like you wouldn't believe! I can detect them even if they're in my peripheral vision and are nearly microscopic. Just sayin' ...

5. If you let your mind be idle for too long, there's a chance that it will get abducted by Al Jarreau songs. I had this one stuck between my ears yesterday, and I have no idea how it got there. If this song ever randomly pops in your head, you need to get up immediately and rejoin civilization, even if it's just 20 minutes of people interaction. Go to Wal-Mart, just do something to save yourself!


  1. Neesha, you are so funny! Thanks for the laugh. I am often so busy with my own blog, etc. I don't "get out" much, but I will definitely try to keep up with your posts! Too funny!

  2. lol Thanks, Courtney! I'm glad my silliness could spark some laughter. :)