Monday, January 9, 2012

A very random memorandum

Random memorandums are way more fun. I ate six oranges from 9 a.m. to 2:27 p.m. I missed the trash basket twice when I tried to make an orange peel 3-pointer. I gave up. Got up. Slam dunked it instead.

I surfed the net until everything started looking the same. I busted out laughing for no reason. I drank two sips of water. I made a poster but then deleted it. I dumped out my purse to organize it but got lazy, so I just dumped everything right back in and stayed at square 1.

I was watching "Three's Company" reruns. It's so weird how poor Jack Tripper had to pretend to be gay in order to room with two hot chicks. Times have SO changed. (Thank goodness!)

I have no idea wtf a vaginal mesh is, but I saw this commercial about 93 times today. I'm thinkin' it's pretty serious stuff.  I feel sad for whomever this affects, and I sure hope it ain't me. If it wasn't for the lazy, procrastinator'ish feeling I have right now, I'd Google it and find out. Ehhh, maybe tomorrow.
I'm not a hater, and I don't bash any form of creativity but I'm pretty much done with antlers and Rudolph noses on cars (it's January!), flash mobs and planking. If my personal friends are in a flash mob, I'm all about it, otherwise, NO. Watch how Dwight handles plankers!

This is the link to one of my absolute favorite 31-second Michael moments from The Office!!!

Bros before hoes

Do you ever just say "yea" or "OK" to things because the person said it like three times and you still have no idea what they said? I just did that. Hope I didn't agree to anything that could make me poorer or inappropriater.

See ya when I see ya!

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