Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Being positive is tiring but worth it

 Hey, nice boots, but where's your freakin' head?
As I browsed through Target the other day, this gruesome scene grabbed my attention. Who are these women, and why don't they have arms or heads? To make it even more sickening, they have stuff sticking out of their headless necks while dressed in skinny jeans, accessories and trendy clothes to highlight the parts of their body they were allowed to have. I'm assuming this is a jewelry holder of some sort, but not one that will ever see the walls of my castle. Why would I want to hang my lovely jewelry on this scariness?

But before I spew anymore negativity upon this masterpiece of someone's brain, let me bow to the philosophy of my fortune cookie and keep the roaring positive. I had to try even harder to keep a positive attitude after seeing this horrendous commercial. It made me feel angry and burst into hysterical laughter at the same time. I was disturbed at the way she said "My PC," but that's probably because my mind resides in the gutter. Here, have a look:

That's me in a toxic mood at work after a night of no
sleep and a morning that kicked off with
an autism vs. Neesha battle.
On a seriously positive note! I have been scream-free for six days straight with the kiddo! (Oh please tell me I did not just jinx myself by saying that!) I actually got a full six hours of sleep two nights in a row. That hasn't happened in months! I'm sure the people who are exposed to my toxic mood swings every day have noticed the real Neesha is slowly resurfacing.

I'm on a mission of late! To stay sane, stay happy and make sure those around me do the same!

Thanks for reading! See you again soon.


  1. Yay 6 days!! Remember the headphones!! Get them this weekend!

  2. Yes, six wonderful days! Longest scream vacation I've had in several months. Thanks for the reminder! I need to find those.