Monday, February 13, 2012

The day the mountain moved

All my life I had despised Valentine's Day (until last year). When I was in grade school, I hated the Valentine's Day party at school! It involved forcing myself to fill out roughly 20-30 cards with phrases like "Be Mine" and "Hug Me" to give to every snotty kid in a class full of bullies and jerks who were mean to me. It was so awkward, although I was happy to give the sentiments to my one or two cool friends. I married and became a mom at 18, and V-day was no less disastrous even then. I loathed seeing all the florists' extravaganzas, wall-to-wall candy in every store and love-themed teddy bears and gifts. Bleh! I never had anything special done for me, so I turned up my nose at it. I was the Valentine's ugly duckling.

Seventeen years later, here I am. I still dislike the man-made circus that is V-day to some degree, because it makes people nuts! It gets hopes high, pockets emptied and puts unnecessary pressure on the fellas. Throughout my single life, I swore I would never again anticipate a successful V-day or fall for just any sweet talker, but the never-say-never curse got me, and I did become a loser magnet. After my worst broken heart in 2009, I promised myself that I would not entertain anything less than what I knew I deserved, and I refused to allow myself to fall for anyone until he moved a mountain in my honor.

In January of 2011, I was fortunate enough to have met the ONE. Never thought this phenomenon was meant for me, but here came a man who contradicted all my theories about men and relationships. Of course, all my theories were based on personal experiences, and along came a whole new experience ... and a whole new theory.

He's not yet here for good, but makes me happy every single day from way across the ocean. We make every day love day, and it's not easy but even more important since we're not on the same land mass. Skype is our best friend. BlackBerry Messenger is a lifesaver. And email is the backup plan. V-day last year was a milestone for me. As I sat at my desk at work on V-day, I felt so elated that he was in my life and that he had given me a whole V-day presentation a day early. I couldn't even concentrate on work with my mind doing cartwheels and backflips, celebrating I had actually found me a winner! Then, when I thought it couldn't get any better, I got a call that I had flowers to pick up from a V-day delivery. To my shock, he had sent me flowers. All the way from Trinidad, he had outdone every guy I'd ever met. And for the first time, a mountain moved in my honor. Since that day, he moves them for me all the time. I finally know what being loved and cherished feels like, and forever seems pointless without him. I don't need V-day. I got something so much better. I got him ...

I love you, Anthony. You're even better than a lifetime
supply of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

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