Saturday, February 4, 2012

Stress art

Hello, everyone! Today, I'm sharing something a little different from my normal posts. I took a break today from words to do something else I love - arts & crafts! That's what I do to relieve stress. I make stuff!I have a crazy amount of craft supplies. I have stuff in fancy boxes, drawers, containers, all kinds of stuff. One of my favorite things to make is wall decor, and I absolutely love to decorate a canvas! I went and pulled out a huge bag of buttons I've collected over a 10-year period and a little pack of fake fall leaves I bought in Target's dollar value section about five years ago. I used super glue, being extra careful not to glue my frickin' fingers together (came close!). I combined all that with my love for trees, and my project was born. It took me all day in the mix of mom duty and house cleaning, but here it is. Meet "Fall Away."

I named it "Fall Away." It's a collection of buttons, fake leaves and super glue on an 18x24 canvas.

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