Saturday, February 11, 2012

Typos with benefits

Say hello to the three-toed sloth.
I have an addiction. Learning. I can't stop! Did I really need to spend 30 minutes reading about sloths? No, but I learned some fascinating tidbits. Did you know that sloths primarily live in trees and are mostly seen in Central and South America? They go to the ground to pee and poop about once a week, digging a hole and covering it afterwards. Aww, that's more than I can say about how some public restroom users handle their business! Sloths go to the same spot each time and are vulnerable to predators while going potty. I mean, who isn't vulnerable to predators while pooping? The reason they risk their safety to come down to the ground when nature calls is unknown, although some believe that it is to avoid making noise while hosing down the forest or defecating from up high, which would attract predators to their habitat when the poop splatters from the treetops. Oh, smart!

Guess what I just did. I just spoon fed you some knowledge you never thought you'd be getting from the Novellarella blog. You're very welcome. Now you know what sloths are and that they are most vulnerable when they poop. You're a more knowledgeable person than you were just minutes ago (unless you already knew that.) And please remember that knowledge is power, and use that power for good, not evil. Don't go tormenting poor innocent sloths while they poop just because you know you can.

This newfound knowledge is a rare example of how typos can be helpful. (Inject sarcasm serum here in case you don't have it au natural.) See. What happened was, I was looking up "cloth crafts," and I mistakenly typed in "sloth" (Oh, who knows! Sometimes my paws have a mind of their own.) and saw images of this exotic beast that triggered my curiosity. The rest, you already know. But even when not led to it by a typo, I like to look up random stuff and learn about them. In this case, TMI is not a bad thing.

Last week, my friend texted me saying "Ur so bubbly, u should be a pubic speaker." Oh, yea? Do I have that striking pubic appeal about me, you think? Awesome.

This typo made me giggle for a long time and rescued me from a very pissy mood. Now, I'm just as guilty as anyone else, okay. Once I texted the phrase "The cock is moving too slow today" to a co-worker who laughed at me all day and never let me forget about the slow-moving cock. Who knew a missing "L" could lead to such hilarity at my expense. I try to make sure I give my written words a proofread quickie before I actually tap that send button, because it could save you from slow-moving cocks, so-to-speak. So, what I'm trying to say is that typos can sometimes lead to knowledge. They can even make you laugh but ...


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