Thursday, March 15, 2012

I discovered a new world

For years and years, I've been an avid reader. I can sit for hours, caressing the dead trees in my bare hands, adoring or abhorring countless stories that provide me a temporary escape from reality. But not once have I ever thought of leaving a review anywhere. I mean, who cares what I think? Apparently, lots of people do! As I've recently discovered, a reader's opinion can be priceless in helping authors promote their books. Since I've become an author, I've realized just how powerful a reader review can be. The list of reviews are like a bread crumb trail to other potential readers.

Writing a book is not just about writing a book. It's about creating a strong piece of work to be proud of, sans typos and grammatical landslides that could totally turn off readers. The key is to leave them wanting more. Wooing the reader is a must, especially in this saturated market in which everybody and their pets have written and self-published a book on places like,, Smashwords and Lulu.

Last Saturday, I spent the whole day researching ways to market myself and attract readers to my book, I of the Storm. I stumbled upon the world of book bloggers! I had an Alice in Wonderland kind of experience. These amazing individuals take time out of their lives to read and read and read and produce reviews on books. Authors seek them. Publishers seek them. Book lovers seek them. They run busy blogs flooded with followers hungry for book reviews, author interviews, giveaways and what are the latest and upcoming reads. Most of them, I discovered, are so backlogged they hardly have time to take on new books to review. I emailed more than 30 of them about my novella, and the few who responded said they were just too overwhelmed. For an independent (indie) author or publisher, this is a valuable service. If they love the book enough, they have the power to spread the word to hundreds of readers! Word of mouth is a powerful force.

2 more services will now offer!

I'm inspired to help other authors, because one very flagrant foul I've noticed in the text of many indie authors is typos. There are some amazing stories out there, and it would be a shame for them to not get taken seriously due to a plague of typos. The services of a professional editor can be quite pricey. I'm a brutal editor, but I'm also in love with helping people. I now plan to offer book editing services at different levels at affordable costs to authors. My other endeavor is to use this blog, conveniently named after a book, to start offering book reviews on novellas, specifically for indie authors.

For more information about editing services, book reviews and any other writing/editing assistance, please email me at and be sure to check out my website at the link above.

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