Thursday, March 8, 2012

Learning doesn't have to hurt

I bet if you really think about it, you learn something new every day, maybe even more than one thing! It could be as simple as discovering which eye liner doesn't smudge or which Little Debbie snack item is the most orgasmic. I prefer the Cosmic Brownies, personally. Oh, and just today, I learned that Justin Timberlake is now one of the new owners of MySpace and plans to revamp it for music purposes. I thought that was really cool of him to take on that project. I always felt sorry for poor MySpace and Tom. (I wonder what happened to Tom.)
My first memorable learning experience,
courtesy of my mom.

Another thing I learned today was that James Cameron, who brought us Titanic and Avatar, is going to be the first person in 50 years to go 7 miles beneath the sea on a solo deep sea exploration mission in a craft he spent eight years building secretly in Australia! Why should anyone care? My take on that is that even though he's a Hollywood superstar and is probably doing this to make the movie of the century (along with the fact that he is a well-known explorer and works with National Geographic), it's possible he could come back with some amazing discoveries for scientists. I read that there are alien (as in, unknown) life forms down there that we probably don't even know about since humans have yet to truly explore the deep sea. Imagine all the centuries of land exploration we know about, and then think about the same amount of space yet unexplored beneath the deep waters of our planet. Article:

As I was browsing Facebook, I kept seeing this video about "KONY 2012," and had NO idea what all the hype was about. Naturally, I assumed it was about something glamorous and didn't want any part of it, thinking it was some Fb trend. Then I noticed some people who NEVER repost craziness were reposting it. So, its credibility shot up. I decided to give it a look, and wouldn't ya know. I was truly inspired by the tremendous effort of one guy trying to change the world for the better by using word-of-mouth and people power to track down a vicious and barbaric criminal in Uganda who makes a living hurting and killing children, not to mention recruiting them into local terrorism. Here's the link I thought I would do my part by sharing that. When you watch it, you'll see what I mean.

See? Learning doesn't have always have to be scary or intimidating. It can be anything. In one day, look at all that I learned about the world. I'm quite proud of that. If you read the news, you learn something every time. Even on Pinterest and Google Plus, the learning possibilities are just as available as we obsessively look up art projects and recipes, or even quotes and reading material. People learn, whether they realize it or not. It's a beautiful ability we have as intellectual beings. We should take full advantage!

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