Monday, April 23, 2012

Chronic optimism

Grouches of the world, unite! Before you read on, please watch this very inspirational video:

Why would anyone want to go and ruin a perfectly good bad mood? It's OKAY to be grumpy sometimes. It's part of being a mammal. I mean, even animals get 'tudes sometimes. I'm not a pet person, but I've witnessed a friend's grouchy cat clawing at people and dogs snarling when they usually yelp and wag their tails. I've seen squirrels fight and rabbits ... oh, wait, that wasn't fighting ... Anyway, you get my point. It's a natural thing. I'm a pessimist and couldn't be happier in my shell. To each his own! (As the saying goes.) I get highly annoyed when I try to enjoy my occasional bad mood and the chronic optimists attack me with reminders of how amazing my life is, as if they have a clue what it's like to be me.

Yes, I know, I know. I don't have cancer. I have a surplus of food. All my limbs work. I have 47 pairs of shoes. I drive a sexy Jeep. My kids are healthy and strong. I wrote a book. I found a real Prince Charming who actually married me. I have a great career. I live in a cute house. I wrote a book. I have a walk-in closet, darling parents, two sweet sisters, a rock collection, 3 unopened cases of bottled water, a library card, a social security number and on and on. I know! But, none of that shrinks my mountain range of debt or makes Mondays suck any less. Why should all my blessings be thrown in my face every time I have a case of the grumps? Sheesh! Can a girl just relieve some stress in her own way? I'm naturally very bubbly, but sometimes I punch people in the face (in my mind). And, don't try to act like you never do that! I growl at any living thing that approaches me. I stress eat. I don't smile. I roll my eyes a lot. I imagine throwing things at people or throwing people at things. I frown. I wallow in self-pity. After a while, I hear a favorite song or get a random donut that makes me smile, and guess what, optimists. I'm cured and back to my bubbly self! So, ha! That's what you should be doing instead of preaching to me about my own life, play me a song or give me a donut. (You know I luv you.)

I'm going to share this BBC article I found that talks about the same thing. See? I'm not making this up! The comments are hilarious!

My point is that we shouldn't be overly judgmental all the time. I'm guilty, too, but I try very hard to be open minded to other people (except those who hate on me; they get nothin'). You don't know why someone is being grumpy or unfriendly. If that's their personality, so be it. How 'bout inspire people instead of bash them? I do it all the time. I've turned a frown upside down many, many times. You never know what someone is dealing with in their personal life or deep down inside. And everyone has their own definition of a "bad day." One person's crappy day is another person's fantasy. I'm not solely responsible for the demise of modern society just because of a bad mood. Here are a couple examples.

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