Friday, April 6, 2012

Featured author of the day

Hello everyone!

Today, I got a special honor to be the featured author on the Juniper Grove blog. It was the highlight of my day! Here's the link:

Please take a minute to go check it out. You can enter the giveaway that's running for a week! The winner gets a free copy of my book (in either PDF, Kindle or Nook format) and a large coffee mug.

I've been enjoying the world of books even more since I became an author. Book bloggers are cool people, and Jaidis at Juniper Grove is simply awesome for helping me promote my book. I'm always grateful to anyone who gives my work a chance to shine. If you haven't given the book a taste yet, I welcome you to do so! Just take a peek at the reviews on Amazon so far, quite an impressive start!

Here's another chance to win a FREE copy of the book ...

I'm giving away a copy of my ebook to any Facebook page member who gets me 10 more page likes! All they have to do is sign the wall saying YOU sent them to the page. That way, you can get the credit. After you get 10 shout-outs, I will send you my book, I of the Storm, FREE in Kindle, Nook or PDF format.

There's an Fb "Like" button and link to my page up top. The more participation I get, the more prizes I will be giving away as my numbers grow! I'm very generous, so this is a good thing, believe me.

Thank you in advance for  helping me spread the word about the new book in town! I'm already working on part 2, along with some other projects. Good times ahead.

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend!

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