Sunday, April 8, 2012

How a writer deals with Cabin Fever

I consider myself an eager beaver. So, in any situation, I find a way to make the most of it and be productive. Since my kiddo with autism has been flipping out so bad lately, I am unable to go out and run around town like before when he was my trusty little sidekick, easily calmed by a promise to go to McDonald's or ride the two-story escalator at Dillard's. Aaah. How I miss the days when he wasn't breaking stuff and screaming mercilessly to the point I started getting chronic headaches.

I don't mind staying home all the time. Hermit mode is a writer's haven. But every now and then, Cabin Fever sets in, mostly since I have no way to opt out of hermit mode. I swear I felt truly feverish today. And my broken toe and sprained wrist from last weekend's fiasco still hurt quite a bit. There are a number of things I notice myself doing when Cabin Fever starts kickin' in.

Battling C-Fever ...

I write sad, gloomy scenes even when I don't plan to. My characters suffer the wrath of my dreary moods. They fall down stairs, are doomed by misery or get their asses kicked. They never go on exotic vacations or win the lottery. I'll be damned if my own characters have a better social life than me. Hey, who said creativity had to be joyous all the time?

Today I re-organized my bookmark collection. I studied my grammar book ... again. You can never be too good at grammar, you know.  Do you have any idea how abused the word "your" is? Just go look up vids on Youtube and glance at the comments. This always leaves me disgusted and furious at how mercilessly people murder the English language. Did anyone pay attention in 3rd grade? "Your" and "you're" are two totally different words, I swear. (SIGH) I worked on two different book editing projects I have going. I don't have ice, so I put an expired pack of frozen spinach on my broken toe that still has swelling after a week. Don't worry about the spinach; it was trash bound, anyway. I gave it one last sense of self-worth before it officially goes to spinach heaven.

Let's see ... Oh, I watched The Secret Life of Bees movie. It made me cry. I LOVED that book! I'm a big-time Queen Latifah fan, so her presence in the film made it even better. Here's one of my favorite Queen jams from back in the day -

I ordered a new book for my Kindle ebook reader app. I'm not cool enough to have a real Kindle yet, so I have the software, at least. I'm a traditional, dead trees lover, so I'm easing my way into the e-reader world. If you REALLY want to know which book I downloaded, ask me.

I took a break from words for about 45 minutes to organize my button collection. Yes, I said button. I use them for crafts and have a ginormous collection. So I used Ziplock bags to separate them by color. Then, I looked at my wedding pictures. I ate two Twinkies. I watched belly dancing vids on Youtube. Here's my favorite one by Sadie! After I watched this, I regretted eating Twinkies. =/

I painted my toenails silver. I collapsed on my bed face down for about 15 minutes and tried to imagine I was on a beach blanket in Tobago. I listed to some Indian music. I had this song on repeat since Nabeel likes it, and I hadn't heard it in a while. I hate the chorus, and Bollywood is tacky with the choreography, but the music is nice sometimes. I have to honor it, OK; it's the Motherland.

I read a sad story about a lady who thought she had a cold, ignored it thinking it was just allergies causing swollen glands and ended up with cancer. I said a whole lot of prayers being grateful for everything I have and begged for mercy to have no spawn screaming tonight. It's very random, so you never know when you'll be awakened at 2 a.m. thinking there's an earthquake in Texas, but it's just my baby banging the walls, throwing things and screaming his lungs out.

And lastly but not leastly (I'm an editor, so I get to make up words), I wrote a blog post about my weekend. I guess I shouldn't dread Monday too much, since I'll at least be forced to see the light of day and breath fresh air other than that of my a/c that stays on 70 all day and night.

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