Saturday, May 12, 2012

Autism vs. Neesha: Ink about it

I don't know how long this is going to last as far as effectiveness, but so far, so working. The last two times Nabeel started his scream-athons, I went up to him immediately with a pen, paper and very stern face and ordered him to write 10 sentences about why he should not scream. He took me VERY seriously! He abruptly stopped his scream/spit/throw routine to obediently sit down and write the sentences. He hits that ink hard with his thoughts. I'm thinking tattoo artist as his future calling! (As digital as this world is getting, that'll be the gig that keeps ink alive.)

I don't tell him what to write; I just let him give me 10 answers that he comes up with. My favorite one so far is, "If you scream you will not get berger king." My second favorite is, "If you scream, you lose and get an exx by your name." He's quite a creative thinker, proven by the random chatter I eavesdrop on from the hallway as he's in his room chillin'. He talks about being an astronaut and riding to outer space on a rocket ship, going to Wal-Mart to get more chicken nuggets and all kinds of hilarious remarks about his friends at school.

One minute he's a mellow fellow, and the next he's rampaging and breaking things. Still not sure why he does this! It's been eight months! (gasp!) Trial and error will be my guiding light until we exit this violent, aggressive phase. I foresee a lot of broken items and egos in the process, but this momma ain't no giver upper! Although, I do cry a lot. But I might cry if I got an ink blot on my favorite purse, too, so I guess losing a few teardrops is no biggie. I have a lifetime supply.

While he's screaming his 14-year-old, puberty-stricken brains out, I look at him and just want to hug him. =/ Mommies are supposed to fix everything, and autism is taking that super power away from me, dammit! I don't plan on allowing it to be my kryptonite in helping my child. I read that Texas is one of the worst states to be in if you need services related to autism. Seeing as how it's on the rise, I'm hopeful it will be given way more of the spotlight soon. I'm not too, too freaked out by lack of help, because I have made some great friends over the years who are specialists and teachers and caregivers and offer me tons of advice all the time. I love them all so dearly. And for that, I'm at ease and grateful for every micro-second of peace I get in life.

When the meltdown starts, so does that countdown, because remember ... nothing lasts forever, not even bad stuff.

As always, thanks for reading!

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