Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bad mood therapy

I think there is too much hostility in the world, especially in today's world because technology has seemingly turn us into impatient lunatics. People want everything NOW! God forbid the smart phone takes more than 10 seconds to load a Web page! What? The home computer has no Internet connection? What else is there to do!? We can order food deliveries online. Text messaging and social media provide direct connections to people, and when we send a message, we expect a reply within seconds or else! Don't even get me started about road rage.

There once was a time when you didn't know who was dating who, or what a co-worker did over the weekend. Or even what people eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner ( But suddenly, we live in a world where just about everyone's life is an open book. I truly believe convenience has spoiled us, which is a recipe for anger issues stemming from impatience. I get all wound up as much as the next person, and I vent to my friends BUT ... I don't throw tantrums, and I surely do NOT have road rage. I take out my anger in other ways. Let me introduce you to three simple things that provide bad mood therapy (to me).

1. Youtube

Here are some of my favorite HILARIOUS vids. You should definitely watch these. If you don't laugh, then you're a robot.

7-year-old takes car for joyride

Best news bloopers!

Jim Gaffigan - making fun of bowling

Frank Caliendo - George W. Bush

2. Cupcakes

On occasion, I will make a special stop on the way home or during lunch to indulge in some type of stress-relieving treat. I'm not talking about regular food or meals. I'm talking about one special thing that you LOVE but don't get very often like Marble Slab ice cream (cheesecake flavor, YUM!) or a delicious cupcake from a bakery. It's not healthy, but it's great for a temporary mood fix. And if you're a health nut, then stick to Youtube therapy.

3. Music

I highly advise you to not only listen to your choice of beats but to try listening to something new now and again. I'll spit you some of my favs, and you can take it from there.

The Wanted - Glad You Came

And, I love me some old school flava!

Now, keep in mind, I'm from the Caribbean =)


  1. i always indulge in "treat" therapy - cupcake, glass of wine, chocolate bar - hey, it helps!

  2. I will admit that treat therapy is my #1 choice! :D