Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Book review: Jane Slayre

Today, I finished reading the book "Jane Slayre" by Charlotte Bronte and Sherri Browning Erwin. My son bought me this book, because he wanted to cheer me up and knows I like quirky things. It was meant to be a joke but turned out to be a great choice!

If you know the classic "Jane Eyre," then you already knew this was a creative rewrite of that novel just by the title. Erwin turned the tale into one with a "blood-sucking twist," as the cover suggests. I was wary at first, since I liked the original classic so well, but anyone who likes a good vampire story will appreciate this version. It was very enjoyable! First off, I like true vampire stories, not the ones of today where they sparkle and are sexy and romantic. This book contained all the scenes I loved in the original story along with blood and guts and horrific scenes with both vampires and zombies. Jane is a vampire slayer and a damn good one.

I love the way her character was written, because she wasn't turned into that annoying, "I'm made of steel and don't need to show emotions," Bella Swan type. Not once during this book did I want to punch Jane in the face like I did with Bella Swan and Katniss Everdeen in "Hunger Games." Jane was a well-rounded, heroine! She didn't act conceited about her skills, stayed classy even through adversity and showed emotion when appropriate even though she kept herself well guarded from showing weakness. There were scenes that incorporated just the right dose of humor and made me giggle even though it may have been a serious moment. Jane's thoughts are hilarious sometimes. All of her struggles and adversity came together in the end to create a much-deserved happy ending for her. It wasn't too fluffy and mushy. It was one of those reads that left me thinking about it hours after I read the last sentence. Just right and just enough to make me glad I read every word attentively.

It was well written, and I give it 5 stars!


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