Sunday, May 6, 2012

Never judge a book by its lover (or hater)

In case you're wondering what the title means, let me explain. Well, that's what we're here for anyway, right? When I read book reviews, I am always newly amazed at the lengths people go to express their love or bitter discontent for a book. For some warped reason, I have a one-star fetish. I am automatically drawn to click on the book's one-star reviews first and read what all the haters have to say. Some folks are just outright MEAN. Sometimes I feel like I have to duck to dodge all the flying insults. I respect people who can review a book with constructive criticism without ugliness, especially with serious authors. Now, if we're talking about the book "written," and I used that word loosely, by Snooki or the likes thereof, well, go for the jugular. I can think of ten people right away who deserve a book deal, and she's not one of them. But, I digress.

I never judge a book by the reviews, even if they're all bad. All I need is the genre and a one-sentence description like "It's about zombies taking over North America," or "A little girl's imaginary friends come to life and terrorize her and her family." There. That's all I need. I reject TMI when it comes to books. I can think for myself and don't need all the feedback beforehand. I did seek feedback about "Hunger Games," because I was so ambivalent about that one. I may buckle and give it a read. That's how I ended up reading Twilight, the hype. It wasn't all that painful, although Stephenie pretty much murdered the word 'chagrin' for me forever by using it into oblivion. And, if I ever meet a real vampire, I will evaluate it for hotness rather than danger. Those are the emotional wounds I was left with after Twilight.

I will end this short post by spilling some of my random thoughts upon you, my honorable reader:

- I really, really, really miss anticipating the next "Harry Potter" movie.
- I hope this stomach ache doesn't last until tomorrow because that'll make my awful Monday more awful.
- No, I'm not being pessimistic, I really know it's going to be awful.
- Damn, I love a/c!
- Why do Sundays go by so frickin' fast? Is that the universe effin' with us?
- What am I going to do when they stop showing "Golden Girls" marathons late at night?
- I really miss my husband whom I haven't seen since July 2011.
- I should've eaten healthier this weekend. Meh, oh, well.
- I still haven't finished my laundry and it's after 9 p.m. So, can I call in 'laundry' tomorrow?
- Is it just me, or does everyone spend the last hour before bedtime on a Sunday regretting all the things they didn't do but should have done?
- Maybe I'll write a vampire book.
- Maybe I won't.
- What compels someone to want to be a mime?
- I'm getting sleepy.
- Good night.

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