Thursday, June 14, 2012

Slow motion

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Well, I'm still stuck on Book 2 of the Hunger Games trilogy. It isn't hooking me for some reason, even though I'm eager to know what happens next. I'm on chapter 3. Maybe my slow progression can be blamed on my hectic work week. And, the husband is here after 11 months of overseas matrimony, so his handsome face could be to blame as well. =) But don't tell him I said that because since the day he arrived for good, he's been pushing me to write and read at my normal pace. What a sweet, self-less guy, right?

OK, I think I shall go nose dive into "Catching Fire" and see how far I can get before I clunk out for the night. On a very positive note ... when I wake up, it will be FRIDAY!!! No doubt about that, well, unless I sleep for days and wake up on Monday. That would suck. lol

My schedule is clear for book reviews, in case you know of anyone who needs one! I know most book bloggers are bombarded these days. I'm here to ease the burden.

Meet you back here very soon.

Hopefully, with a new book review.

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