Monday, July 16, 2012

19+ things that make me feel like a winner

First of all, let me say that I resent the fact that Charlie Sheen re-invented the word "winning." It's a great word. Being a winner is way easier than people think because the definition of "win" is very subjective.

I consider myself a winner when I return library books before the due date. (Yes, I still use the library and actual books made of dead trees and not e-reader bytes.) Also, when I manage to get out of bed in the morning after only one or two snoozes ... I usually have about five. Oh, and also when I can easily zip and button my jeans right after they come out of the dryer without having to deflate my lungs first and/or lay flat on my bed and pray that I won't have a mega muffin top when I get up. Those are definitely not winning moments in a woman's life.

Here's a list of things that make me say, "I win!":

  • Finding a random onion ring in my regular fries from Burger King.
  • Saving on my car insurance by switching to Geico ... just kidding. I have StateFarm. 
  • Saying NO to a donut, even though it feels like total loss and devastation.
  • Randomly walking into Palais Royal and stumbling upon a store-wide Buy-One-Get-One-of-Equal-or-Lesser-Value-For-a-Dollar sale!
  • When someone gives me a mention on Twitter.
  • Oh, that one time I clicked on a page on Facebook and ended up getting a coupon for a free Crunch bar.
  • The moment I realize I'm caught up on all my bills and still have enough money left to buy some gum.
  • Each time I slay a dragon.
  • Anytime I make someone giggle and didn't intend to.
  • When I actually win at a game of Scrabble or Words With Friends.
  • Every time I correct a typo (that isn't my own).
  • Whenever someone buys a snack from the vending machine and it gets stuck, and they never get it, and I'm the next person to try for the same item and get two.
  • Getting more than 10 hits on my blog posts. (Hey, aim low, and you're never disappointed.)
  • Spontaneous hugs or compliments (from people I like).
  • When people randomly stop speaking to me, then I realize I didn't like them anyway.
  • The discovery that I have about $6 in change rolling around my purse.
  • When more than 100 people re-pin something I made and posted on Pinterest.
  • Seeing people go back for seconds when I cook.
  • Every time I get an outstanding review on my book, "I of the Storm."

Moral of the blog post: to make you think of all those minuscule things that occur on a daily basis that are more significant to your health and wellness than you realize. Don't hesitate to share some of your own winning moments.

See you next time!


  1. I want to add, everytime my girl does something awesome. I think that's my daughter! (She is always doing awesome things so I feel like a winner all the time :))

  2. Well, she sounds like a definite superstar. :) And you're so right! Kids are pretty much all it takes to feel like a winner. They are simply extraordinary.

  3. Hi Neesha!

    I loved your post! Amazing!
    I do share some of your 'wins' lol
    I saw your post on Book Blogs and followed you via e-mail and GFC.
    You can find me @

    Andreia :)

  4. Thanks, Andreia! Glad to hear it! I subscribed to your blog too. It's very eye-friendly! Love the design. Thanks for stopping by. :D