Monday, August 27, 2012

School district FAIL ends in win

My handsome high schooler, up before the sun and ready
for his very first day of some high learnin'!
Nothing like some school district drama to inspire me to break my more-than-two-week blog hiatus. After months of preparing my sweet kiddo (with autism) for the big high school transition, someone in the district dropped the ball ... big time. I put my nervous, all-dressed-up freshman on the special-needs bus this morning with full faith he'd have a spectacular first day! I even took him for a ride to the new school last night to get him all warmed up and hyped for the morning. Then, about 25 minutes after I waved goodbye and let out a sigh of relief, I got a call informing me my baby had been dropped off at the wrong school!! Oh, no, that's not even it. The transportation department refused to pick him up and take him to the correct school! They said it was the first day, and things were way too chaotic for them to right this wrong. Are you kidding me!? Nope. They weren't kidding at all. The wrong school offered to keep him for the day, and because I said HELL NO and went and picked up my son and dropped him to the correct school, transportation denied him a ride home.

I was not about to allow my baby to have to endure TWO first days of high school just because someone screwed up. I was so livid that after a few furious phone calls to no (immediate) avail, I decided I'd contact folks tomorrow after I've calmed down a bit. I know it's spilled milk at this point, but this isn't a FedEx delivery gone wrong. This was my precious child whom I put in the hands of capable strangers, and there's no excuse for this bullshit.

Part two of first-day debacle

I insisted on picking him up at 1:30 because I refused to have to sit in car-rider traffic. Got there, picked him up. As we got to the car, he had the wrong backpack on. Had to turn around and go right back in. After 10 minutes, a smile-less woman brings us the right backpack, takes the other one and departs. Really? I guess that was our fault too, huh?

Here's the bright side to this rocky first day. He was really excited to be at his CORRECT school and had a great day. He smiled at drop-off and a pick-up times. His smile and my happiness are one and the same. And in the parking lot, I ran into the mom of Nabeel's most beloved friend who had moved to another school during junior high but is now reunited with him in high school! She and I had a great chat about some huge improvements she's had with her son's communication skills thanks to a special tutor and therapist she found. Sounded very encouraging! We exchanged numbers and vowed to keep in touch and share ideas. I had been wanting to meet her for the longest time, knowing how much Nabeel adored her kiddo. He had never shown such interest in a friend before, and it was just heart-warming. Nabeel talked about this kid non-stop, even after he moved to another school and hadn't seen him in a few years. I was so happy to see this mom that I got emotional. She's one person who can understand what I'm going through as her son is also autistic and the same age as Nabeel.

If Nabeel hadn't been dropped to the wrong school and ended up with the wrong backpack, I would have never met up with her at the car. God works in mysterious ways, and He guides me right where I need to be. My baby got his best friend back, and I made a new friend. And my son had a fun day after all.

Life is precious.

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