Sunday, September 30, 2012

Goodbye, space writing

So much for my pretty, artsy sign! Nabeel decided to
do some home decor around 1 a.m. on a Friday night.
Hello, lovely reader. It's been a while. You can attribute my MIA'ness to such things as lack of sleep as a result of looking after my insomniac tantrums resulting in gashes in my walls, overeating, crying, random fits of laughter and job dilemmas. On Aug. 31, I was laid off (for the second time) from my job as a Public Relations Office writer/editor for the Johnson Space Center. In 2010, I was laid off and brought back after three months. That's what happens when you do a good job and your boss likes you, so remember that. Never burn bridges. Alas, the budget monster got me again. Nov. 14 would have made four years in that role. I can't be too sad, though.

Once again, I was laid off and brought back. Only, this time, I've been adopted in a totally different department. I won't be writing space stories for NASA publications and Web anymore but still getting to exercise my communication skills. I will be the new kid on the block, chillin' with the IT folks. As much as I'll miss being a reporter for all things NASA, I am looking forward to helping the techie peeps expand and improve their communications. I sense some pretty hectic but enjoyable projects in my future. Not sure exactly what I'll be doing, but it's still communication and outreach, so I'm still in my happy place, just with a clean slate. The job has been promised to me for only six months, so it's possible I'll be laid off AGAIN but just as likely it could turn permanent. As always, time will tell.

The best thing about the whole situation is that I've met some super cool people along the way who have proven worthy of keeping. Others ... meh. But that's how the world works. Not every flower blooms, and not every plan works out. A new team means new relationships to build and new opportunities to grow as a professional.

As of this moment, I'm mentally preparing myself for my new gig tomorrow. I'm cooking lunch, writing this blog post and creating a whole other blog that will be dedicated to my experience with the special needs world. I'm working on two book projects AND trying to finish reading a book by an indie author so I can write a review. That ought to be enough to keep my mind from roaming!

Happy Sunday, all.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Undisguised blessings welcome

So, to pick up where I left off last post, everything did NOT end up OK. The first week of back-to-school for Nabeel was horrendous. Remember how I told you the bus dropped my autistic kid at the wrong school the FIRST day and refused to give him a ride to the correct school? Well, after being promised this was resolved, I felt better for Day 2. The bus showed up, he boarded and buckled up, and I asked them, just to be sure, what school he was going to. Sure enough, the WRONG school ... AGAIN! So while the driver and I were discussing how messed up this whole situation was, poor Nabeel, on his own accord, ran out of the bus and locked himself in my Jeep. It was as if he was saying , "Come on! Are there any competent adults left in the world!? I'm outa here." And I don't blame him. I actually shed tears when he had to get off the bus, because I could feel the humiliation he must have felt in this whirlwind of school district drama that caused him to have to exit the bus in front of everyone, including other students. I had to take time off of work to shuttle him to the right place. And again, his lunch came back untouched, and he had another kid's folder in his backpack and a note stating that he needed lunch money! There was also a discipline form to sign for a general ed. class he was not supposed to be in! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Day 3, he made it to the right school on the right bus. But we had a different problem. No reply to my written note and voice messages regarding what in the world he was eating, why his lunch was untouched and a request to see a printout of his schedule! Day 4, nada! So I called school district officials all the way up the ladder until someone who had power to do something intervened. Not 20 minutes later, I magically received a call from one of his teachers. We talked about all my concerns, and I felt a little better having voiced my issues to her. But we're on week 3 already, and there's not been any true communication since that call, nor an answer to the email I sent days ago. This school year is lookin' grim, but I'm willing to re-evaluate in a few more weeks when a clearer pattern forms.

Oh, and let me not forget how that week ended for me. Friday, after I was breathing easy about school drama, I got laid off. Yep. Laid off. Again. Second time in two years from the same place. Panic mode caused me to forget about Nabeel's school orientation! Missed opportunity to meet these folks whom I NEED to meet very badly.

Job hunting sucks, so I'll have to kick the positive thinking into maximum overdrive to breeze through this. There's a job out there with my name on it, and it shall be mine in due time. Well, hopefully in "bills due" time.