Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How authors can use Pinterest to promote themselves

I have a guest blogger today who is going to talk about how authors can use Pinterest as another promotional tool to help get their name out there. Let me introduce you to Heather Green. She is a mom, freelance writer, pet lover and the resident blogger for OnlineNursingDegrees.org, a free informational website offering tips and advice about rn degrees online
Hi everyone,
Pinterest has quickly become one of the largest social networks, and marketers are tapping into its vast potential to promote their brands, products, and services. In less than two years, the site hit 11.7 million users and became the fastest site in history to surpass the 10 million visitor mark. It is responsible for driving more referral traffic than LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+ combined.
Writers can tap into the potential that the site offers to market their works and to connect with their readers. If you're new to the site, or haven't figured out how to use it beyond bookmarking some interesting cookie recipes, here are a few ideas for how you can use Pinterest to promote yourself as an author:

Create Character Boards
The boards you create on Pinterest are very similar to the mood boards or inspiration boards you can create while brainstorming or trying to drive the creative process. You can share your own creative process or give readers more insights into your work by creating character boards. You might share your characters favorite things like foods, movies and music, or you might share places where your character lives or works.

You can even invite readers to pin items to your character boards to share what they imagine for the character. This allows readers to become more engaged, and it gives you valuable feedback about how readers are connecting with your work.
Share Places Featured in Your Books
Some books create whole new worlds. Others are rooted firmly in a place. Help bring the setting of your novel to life for your readers by creating boards that share the places featured in your books. You can include cities or countries that serve as the backdrop, or you can share restaurants, theaters, or other places that your characters frequent in the story.
If the places in your book are all made up, create a board that shares the inspiration for those places or that shares places similar to what you had imagined.
Showcase Your Inspiration
Authors find inspiration in the strangest places. Sometimes it's a bit of music. Sometimes it's a picture. And sometimes it's a bit of someone else's writing. Share the things that inspire you in your writing or that inspired you for this particular novel. Create a board that shows off your favorite lyrics or art or other writers.
Besides helping readers connect to you by sharing your creative process, you'll also create a board that may serve to inspire you again when you are feeling a bit blocked by the blank page.
Create a Cover Album
Help introduce yourself to new readers by creating an album of your novel covers, with each pin linked to information about the book either on your blog or on Amazon. If your works have been printed more than once, you can highlight your favorite covers, or you can show the history of covers and share your thoughts on the changes.
Your current readers will enjoy reminiscing over past books that they have loved, and new readers will learn more about your work.
Share Details for Your Book Tour
Pinterest is a great way to promote a book tour as you need only create a board with pins for each of the cities you will visit. Include notes about where you'll be, and make sure you link your pins to more information about the tour or about your book. You can add optional pins with information about the city where you'll be.
Pinterest offers writers a great way to connect with readers and to promote their works. These are just a few ideas that authors have been able to use to promote their works on the site, but there are many more possibilities with just a little creative thinking.
Do you use Pinterest to promote your work? Share your strategies for success in the comments!



  1. Great article. I've created two boards based on my books! Thanks for the info.

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  3. Hi everyone, thanks for reading. And great to know you're got your boards all set. I started one, but haven't enhanced it like I should.

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  5. You're welcome! I love to share what I learn. And I have more to come.