Thursday, November 8, 2012


I consider even the tiniest of accomplishments a score. I mean, if I find extra fries at the bottom of my bag that were hidden below the napkins, I rejoice. It's pretty easy to make me happy. Today's adventure at the library was quite cool. I didn't know what to expect, because this self-publishing group was meeting for the first time. They didn't even know what it would turn out to be, which made it even more fun because we got to brainstorm. Creative-mind brainstorming is the fun kind, F.Y.I., not the Corporate America buzz word kind.

I got there and joined about four other ladies, and we dished about the publishing world. One thing's for sure, the group will be focusing on that part, so we named it Marketing & Publishing: Roadway to Successful Book Publishing, or MaP for short. Each of us had a set of skills and knowledge to bring to the table, and we spelled out the topics we will cover for the next few meetings like: book covers and how important they are toward getting noticed; pitfalls of publishing and which scams to look out for; how to make sure your book is formatted correctly; and lots more. We'll be talking about life after the book is written.

They all had books published either independently or though various publishing methods. I learned a lot for a first meeting, and one of them had written a self-help book on how to publish CORRECTLY. Got it free for becoming a member, yay! It was a joy to be among like-minded people, and the one thing that made it even more awesome ... a late-comer walked in and took a seat. He noticed the proof I brought to show of my book and asked to see it. He didn't say a word the whole meeting until the end when he said, "I really like this line of your book - 'My beautiful new pendant from Grandma Edan became an invitation for the fiery sword that jabbed me from my beloved sky and set me ablaze in a split second.' Did you get struck by lightning?" I told him no, but the character is loosely based on me. I explained that I had to embellish for the sake of catchy fiction writing. I told him that he had just proven to me that my first-page hook works!

When I write, whether it's a book or short story, I try to make sure I hook the reader on the first page or within the first few paragraphs. He made my day by pointing that out!

After speaking with them, I also got some tips on how to complete my book as a print work on Createspace, which I was having a lot of trouble with thus far. I have had quite a few requests for my book in print. Not everyone likes the eReader business just yet. When we start getting new members, they also encouraged me to pass out my cards and flyers to promote myself as a book editor for those who need the service. AND, there's a meeting called "Local Author's Hour" where an author is chosen to speak about his/her book and entertain a group. The group leader said she would see when the next available spot is and invite me as a spotlighted author. Woohooo.

Baby steps. =)

I left feeling a sense of accomplishment having gone out into the world to try and make something happen for myself, getting out from behind the keyboard and doing some face-to-face. Some dreams never come true, but you won't ever know unless you give it all you've got. And even if the dream doesn't come true after trying, you will at least have gotten SOMEWHERE with all the effort. That, I'm sure of.

I'm also excited that on my NetGalley account, Random House and a couple other publishers approved several books for me to review that are due out next year! This will be my blog's first sneak peek type of review from a big name publishing house's release. I'm learning a lot just from NetGalley, too, as they have tons of different publishers who use that service to garner reviews for their books. Gives me an idea of what publishers like what type of books.

Well, that's my news for the day. All I'm hoping for now is a peaceful evening with no screaming or meltdowns from my handsome spawn, lol. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, peep the Autism vs. Neesha tab up top.)

Cheers, good evening and inspiration to all!

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