Monday, December 31, 2012

Autism vs. Neesha: Fly away, 2012

Greetings, all! Hope you're having a safe and fun NYE. I'm home in my PJs with the hubby and youngest, hearing the fire works outside and answering the texts of those who think of me on this special occasion. I'm not in a festive mood this year. I've always seen NYE as overrated even though I do stay up to watch the ball drop, and it does feel good to see a new year with new possibilities.

I know it's been a long time since I've blogged, but if you have me on fb or Twitter, you know why. The month of December has proven to be my worst experience yet with autism. My son took a turn for the worst, becoming more destructive, and, on Dec. 11, he attacked me for the first time ever. Usually, it's only objects that get thrashed, but he turned on me for whatever the reason. My hubby ran in and saved me, but this was a major wake-up call. The one thing I feared came true, that he could actually harm me. This was the saddest day of my life, thus far. I went and filled a prescription given to me by a psych doc months before that I'd been holding on to because I was wary about using meds. I never filled a 'script so fast in my life! You'd have thought it was a narcotic, lol. It's been 21 days, and I don't see that the med is working. We go back to the doc on Jan. 8, and, God, I hope they can give us something to help him. Sucks to be afraid of your own kid. I love him no less, but look over my should a hell of a lot more now.

So ... as you can imagine, my blogging frame of mind was a bit put off. But I have new aspirations for 2013. I'm working on a couple books, one about my experience with autism and my son, and the other one is book two of Storm, which you can see to your left there.

I'll take my darling husband's positive perspective and share with you all the wonderful milestones I've had in 2012, and I encourage you to do the same.

  • January - My first new year married to the husband of my dreams, via skype (Trinidad & TX)
  • February - Self-published my first book, I of the Storm.
  • March - My "baby" Nabeel turned 14! And my mom sees another year as well.
  • April - I turned 36! Wow. I doubled my life since teen pregnancy. I remember when I was a teen, and I thought 30 was ancient, haha.
  • May - A proud, teary mom moment. My 1st born, Naseem, graduated from high school.
  • June - After an 11-month wait, my husband arrived here for good from Trinidad! 
  • July - My 1st born turned 18 and entered the world of adulthood! Also had my 1-year anniversary of re-marriage, celebrated by doing our court marriage on the same date.
  • August - My youngest started high school! Aaaaaaah! Oldest got his first job.  :)
  • September - Found out I was getting a six-month extension at NASA after my August lay-off. This was my second lay-off from the same job, and also the second time to be kept. I consider that a blessing. Income is a great thing!
  • October -  My blog doubled in membership along with Twitter.
  • November - I cooked another marvelous Thanksgiving dinner, and the day was superb. My husband got his work permit, too, this month.
  • December - My husband's 6-month anniversary of being on U.S. soil, and he got his first job.

I hope to start doing author interviews and giveaways in 2013 as my blog membership has grown a bit. I aim to expand it even more. Another goal is to blog daily! I want to aim for 365 posts. I attempted this last year and fell off the wagon around 267.

Thanks for being here with me! Cheers to all of you, and happy new year! May 2013 bring you all the joy and success you deserve.

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