Thursday, January 3, 2013

A world made of chocolate


I'm so happy that the people in the house directly across from my bedroom window still have their Christmas lights up, and the glow comes through into my room ... coolness. Why can't every month of the year have some festive theme that gets people all hyped to overly decorate and entertain me like this?

Speaking of decor, I was in a very chocolate-obsessed mood today, so I started randomly looking up things made of chocolate to feed into my chocolate fantasies and came across these doozies. I think if I could have my choice of super powers, I'd want to have a magic wand that turns anything (or anyone!) into chocolate.

Brighton artist moulds milk chocolate toilet

Chocolate toilet 
Sarah Pager said she made the toilet out of chocolate because of its smell and colour (full story here)
An artist from Brighton has created a toilet entirely made from milk chocolate to go on display in Sussex.

Sarah Pager made the edible artwork for an exhibition at the Towner Gallery, in Eastbourne, and said she hopes to sell it for £3,200.

She created a mould out of silicon and plaster and then poured in 17kg (37lb) of chocolate.

Ms Pager said she chose to make the toilet out of chocolate because of its smell and colour.

"I used it mainly because of the smell (of chocolate), it's such a desirable commodity there's an element of cognitive dissonance," she s

"I'm very interested in issues surrounding the body and body processes.

"I'm also interested in the moment when you're alone with yourself when you're in that animal moment.

"Bathroom fittings represent that for me in that they are a ritual but also a luxury when it comes to separating us from animals."

Chocolate people?

These aren't for eating, I assume, but, man! Can you imagine actually eating these? Where would you begin! Check out these freaky chocolate sculptures -

OK, how about chocolate shoes!? Talk about a fantasy of two of my favorite things!

NEW! Chocolate High Heel Shoe - Deep Red Pump
Our expert cobblers of cocoa have fashioned another masterpiece of edible glamor with this dark chocolate high heel. Sporting a white chocolate interior and a luster dust of deep red, the latest addition to Gayle’s line of shoes features a diamond shaped toe decor and comes packaged in a reusable plastic purse with Gayle′s classic satin bow. If you′ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop, well… here it is! 7 inches long, 5-1/2 inches high.

SKU : 09-036
Net weight: 14.5 oz
Price: $ 45.00


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