Thursday, January 10, 2013

Books save the day


I'm dedicating this post to telling you about my day, how authors and books saved it and in color are all the positive things that made me smile. Every day that I'm alive is a blessing, but that doesn't mean every day is wonderful all around. It's OK to have a not-so-awesome day, but make sure to point out the nice things that happen as well. They shouldn't be neglected.

I woke up in a very HAPPY mood. I spent the hour before work writing Book 2, still enthused about getting it finished by March. The kiddo almost had an episode this morning but didn't after all. It's been a beautiful cloudy day (those are my favorite!) steady around 60F. Got to work. Had a meeting. Day turned horrendous. Thanks a lot, work, for sucking today. The work day was so utterly awful that I actually cried during lunch. Wiped my tears and headed to the local library to attend the monthly author's group that I'm a member of. I get SO excited when I enter a library or book store! The euphoria that books bring to me takes a long time to wear off, and that is magical. I was delighted to meet our newest members, a couple from England who run a graphic design business. Their accents were so AMAZING! I felt like I was in a Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Harry Potter and/or Game of Thrones book! Simply refreshing. We spoke about book cover design today. I showed mine (to the left), and everyone really liked it and spoke of all the things they liked about it, even the catchy title. That cheered me up immensely. I had to leave 15 minutes early to go back to work to prepare for a presentation that was already giving chest pains. =/

Before heading to work, I stopped at McDonald's and got a burger and fries. Stress eating really does help, you guys. As the cashier gave me back my debit card, he also handed me a free gift - a McDonald's 2013 calendar! How cool is that. This made me smile. Might be a corny reason to smile, but lord knows I needed perks today. Got back to work. Saw a really good friend who is so sweet, and the sight of him alone cheers me up. Got back to working on the presentation, and stress returned. Presentation went un-good. Came back to my desk an emotional wreck, and vented to my lovely co-worker. Then I walked out into the misty evening to my sexy Jeep and went to pick up my kiddo. "Please don't let this be a screamy evening," I prayed on the way to get him. We got home in one peace, and I immediately started dinner, making a pot of Pelau (a Trinidadian cuisine involving rice, chicken and beans). I saw my handsome husband, and smiled. I saw my kids and smiled. Nabeel had a few mini screamathons, though, but tomorrow we visit the child psychiatrist to see about getting him some help for these violent tantrums once and for all. The Golden Girls marathon is back! (They stop it during the holiday season to play Christmas movies.) Yay! Now I hope for a good night's sleep, and a productive day tomorrow.

The purpose of this post was to show you that your day may seem like a bad one, but if you color in all the details that weren't so terrible, you'll see that goodness is dominant. I bet you noticed the colored parts way more than the dull parts, right? I highly recommend all of you to do this exercise when you are feeling down and need proof that things weren't so bad after all.

This weekend is dedicated to job hunting and writing, FOR SURE! :)

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