Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day one of '13


How did you kick off the first day of the year? I woke up super late feeling more tired than when I went to bed the night before. I did grocery shopping. We went to my mom's for dinner. Now, I'm extra sleepy, knowing I have to work tomorrow after a four-day weekend, and my kiddo is as bright-eyed as an owl! I'm freezing, but sipping on cold water to keep myself awake.

Today, I begin to test myself on whether or not I can repel bloggers block with all my might and post every day this year. I feel so dirty when I have long periods of no blogging. I won't say this is a new year's resolution by any means, but Jan. 1 is the best day to jumpstart a plan, as far as I'm concerned. So, whether it's a funny image, a witty paragraph or two, a book review, a guest post, author interview, piece of advice or inspiration, links I want to share, picture of the day, something simply goofy, or a serious post about an issue I'm passionate about that day, I will attempt to blog you up daily! I have five books waiting to be read and reviewed, plus at least six authors who have agreed to be interviewed, which means giveaways! I realized a long time ago that it isn't the year that has to be good to you, it's YOU who has to make the most of the year. And being a procrastiNeesha is not going to get you very far. *wink*

I will leave you with an inspirational post I read today regarding The Hobbit and its author. It's so true. I thought of another author who this relates to, as well, J.K. Rowling - http://bestsellerlabs.com/the-hobbit-movie-writing-secret/#more-6465

What are your thoughts?

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