Friday, January 11, 2013

Gift giving made easy


It's January, right. There's a whole year ahead of us full of anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, etc. That's a ton of gifts to buy. I thought of some ideas that may help ease the anxiety of "What do I get for this person!?" Believe or not, there are still great things to get for the person who seemingly has everything.

Step 1: Make a list of the person's interests. Does he like books, music, celebrities, decor, art, humor?

Step 2: Do some simple searching based on these interests and come up with a few options. Don't just rely on Wal-Mart or the mall. Remember, this is 2013! Use the Web! You wouldn't believe the amount of coolness that awaits your credit card number. Here are some kickass sites I stumbled upon.

Step 3: Make the purchase or make the gift. Arts & crafts are just as marvelous as any store-bought gift. It comes with a deeper sentiment, IMO.

For example, let's use my husband. He's an easy model for this. He goes bonkers for LOTR, The Hobbit, anything with swords and mythical creatures and lands. Game of Thrones. He also likes soccer and going to the movies. He LOVES home-cooked food, namely Trinidadian. He is a gamer. So, there. Think of the astronomical amount of gifts I could get him. Even if I don't know the exact games he likes, I can find out and get something game-themed like a poster, magazine, calendar, mouse pad, pens. The list is endless, really. And this method of gift-buying can work for anyone; even Scrooge himself had to like some things!

For the geek and lovers of all things silly:
Here's an example of the type of gems they sell! I want that!

For your history buff, check out this online store at!
I would go nuts for something like this.

Is your sister or friend a die-hard Harry Potter fan? Why don't you swing by the I bet she would love to have Hermoine's time turner necklace. Again, I'd fall over if someone gave me this!

And last but never least, the word lover! These are the easiest people to shop for. Just get a Barnes & Noble or Amazon gift card, but make sure you get something tangible to go along with it. All these gift sites have very affordable stuff, so my examples may seem pricey to some, but if you search, there's tons more.

I found these adorable book pendants on! What book loving chick wouldn't love these?

By now, you get the gist of what I'm saying. Some people stress out over gifts, but it's not a tough
task. It just takes a bit of thinking. The world is full of treasures. Just takes a few clicks nowadays to find them.

Happy gifting!

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