Monday, January 14, 2013

Good prevails ... again


Today was a tough one to get through. Between work dilemmas and an unpleasant business encounter that I won't go into details about because it doesn't deserve the attention, I could be a basket case, but I'm not. Because, as I always say, goodness prevails. I like to view these tough times as "motivational pushes" to get somewhere with my novels! How many of you writers can relate to that notion? Aha, that's what I thought.

My kiddo with autism, who as you probably know has been having some serious behavioral issues, is on Day 4 of a new med. Fingers crossed that it helps his aggression issues!! AND - I got news today that he was awarded a grant by a local organization and will be able to start ABA therapy after all. Not sure how we'll afford it after the grant $ runs out, but we'll water that garden when we get there. This is great news!!

I've resumed reading a great book once again - Miss Nobody by Nicole Dunlap. Just about halfway, but it's one of those stories you speed read because you so want to know what happens! Stay tuned for the next book review. I'm so overdue for one. But I'm intent on catching up on my reading list of books to review. The life of a book blogger. We always want to make reading #1, then life kind of intervenes and deters our plans. But if it wasn't for that thing called life, we wouldn't have any books to review, would we? =)

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