Monday, January 7, 2013

I bought some happiness for 5 bucks


I know I was knockin' Wal-Mart yesterday, but today I'll praise them a bit. Despite the odd collections of humans who tend to gather there in outrageous attire and provide me endless entertainment, Wally World is also known for their low prices. And, I love to peruse their book section. This is where I obtained all my Twilight and Hunger Games novels, btw. I stopped for groceries today, and as I was rummaging through the cucumbers, I felt a force pulling me and pulling me and pulling me. I couldn't control it no matter how hard I fought! Next thing I know, I was ....

... in the arts & crafts aisle.

And this stunning purple yarn jumped off the shelf and into my arms. Its packaging even said "With Love," awww. So I put it in my cart, promising to give it a home in my craft closet. Then I passed this new display of DVDs packaged differently from the usual plastic casing. Curiosity killed the cat, so to save a life, I had to investigate. It was a barrel of movies for $.96, and I saw a couple that I had to have, so I introduced them to my new yarn companion, and we all became friends forever.

I work at NASA, so naturally,  I'd want that Challenger movie. And I'm a huge Rosario Dawson fan so, of course, I'd want that movie. By the time I checked out with my new pals (these three material objects), I was happy, and they only cost me $5. 

And lo and behold, the night before school starts, my kid has a major meltdown, and we all end up with headaches from the screaming. I sat melancholy in my room, feeling sorry for my poor sweet husband who always takes the brunt of these episodes to protect me. I sat staring at my yarn. And then I started making yarn pompoms with no purpose. I was going through the motions, thoughts running rampant about what to do to come up with funds for autism therapy for this child of mine. 

Now I understand why people have garage sales and bake sales and car washes. Perhaps I should do such a thing. I'm not good at event planning. Maybe I could sell some of my creations at an arts & crafts fair. Might be fruitful to find one and ask, right? This would be a great time for my book to earn me some dough or for some high-paying publications to hire me for some story writing. *sigh* But, for now, it's just me and my yarn. 

And now I have like a whole bunch of these. Aren't they cute?

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