Saturday, January 12, 2013

Opportunies - Don't neglect them

I had to share this! If you're a blogger looking for a golden opportunity to get to review books before they're release, not to mention more notoriety, visit Kate's Blog to find out how this can be you!

I love "opportunities." For example, I just filled out some questions that will become an author interview on a book blog. As soon as the blogger finalizes all the details, I'll surely share it with you all. Right after that, I stumbled upon this on Twitter and entered my blog right away.

Last night I joined a Google book club that invited me to be one of the writers for a sci-fi series that they plan to self-pub. Sounded like a fun, so I jumped right in.

I was also recently invited to be a guest author and speaker at a writer's conference in California this April. A chance to speak about writing and promote my book? HELL YEA.

Hope you're all having a productive and lovely Saturday!

All I have to say is that SNL better not be another rerun! Cheers.

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