Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pretty pasta - get in my belly


Did you get my Fat Bastard reference? Cool, you rock.

Yesterday, it was shorts-and-T-shirt weather, and today, I'm wrapped in a blanket as I sit and type this post. That's a definite sign of Houston, Texas, livin'. The weather is like pot luck. Oh, and we just had chicken fried steaks and white gravy for a late lunch - that's another sign!

By way of a blooper, I made a really good lasagna today! I sent my 18-year-old to the grocery store to get some stuff to make dinner. His teenage restlessness makes him a great grocery-runner, always happy to oblige and for a reason to hit the road. He picked up the wrong lasagna. The one he brought home looked weird and was a "no-boil" type. I never used that before and suddenly feared my food would be less than my best, blah. I semi followed the directions, since I was lacking many of the ingredients for a traditional lasagna. So I basically created my own quickie version since I was behind my laptop all day trying to write and send out query letters and became procrastiNeesha again as far as house work and cooking was concerned. I threw together the:

No-boil pasta
Ground beef, cooked and seasoned with spicy stuff I had in the cupboard (2 lbs)
1 bottle of spaghetti sauce (Ragu's Garden Vegetables)
1 bag of shredded cheese

I layered the bottom of the baking dish with the no-boil pasta (which felt so weird!), then scooped the beef in and spread it out evenly. Added some shredded cheese all over. I did 3 layers just like this and put it in the oven. After about 35 minutes, it looked very done.

Human test subject #1 came downstairs not five minutes after, lured by the smell. Grocery boy! Hehe. He wolfed it down and said it was great, and when I saw him dive for seconds, I knew it was great. Then comes human test subject #2, hubby. Scarf, scarf, and shot me a thumbs up. Yay! Human test subject #Nabeel refused to try it. He voted for chicken nuggets and tater tots instead. Can't hate on that! lol

Moral of the story, sometimes a half-ass job is just as good as any job. (Don't take that too literally.)

So the finished product was a hit. If only I could say that about the book I'm working on! In due time, my pretties .. in due time.

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