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I'm the world's best procrastinator, but only for things I aspire outside of the daily grind. I'm pretty responsible when it comes to painful responsibilities like online bill pay and enduring the weird world of Wal-Mart for my family's affordable sustenance. OK, if you've never indulged in please go there NOW, and click on the "photos" tab. You can even click on your state (under that same tab) and see the tomfoolery in your 'hood. This is one from Texas, which doesn't surprise me since it's a familiar sight lol. It's not even the photos that really crack me up; it's the captions!

Do the overalls come with the mullet or do you think they’re sold separately?
 I’m assuming it’s a 2 for 1 deal that’s just too daggone tough to pass up!
Back to procrastination ...

It's the stuff that could bolster my writing career and side business that I slack off on. Imagine that, right! Flash me a Words With Friends notification, and see how fast I jump on that bitch like a hungry ant on a cookie crumb. But to sit, focus, and finish a story I started writing months ago? Ha! That coincides with Halley's Comet.

I like how it says "DO PORN," then "PORN DIET." hahaha
OK, I'm not THAT bad, but sometimes, it does feel like centuries pass between my finished products. Yea, I'm a busy gal, but still. If I have time to piss around all day playing fb games or wasting an extra hour at Wal-Mart people watching or looking at junk I don't need, I have time to finish my creative projects, dammit.

Well, today, folks, I battled that nasty ol' procrastination. Today was my husband's birthday, so I don't know if my love and honor of birthdays kept me from being a loser today, but it was ON! Let me share with you my list of writing accomplishments for the day, so that maybe my blabber can inspire at least ONE of my readers.

  1. A new paranormal-themed story jumped into my brain while I was in the shower today, and I knocked out 1,200 words within an hour. Then I got totally stuck and couldn't decide what direction to take the story, but still. I did some writing, yay!
  2. I'm nearly finished with the book I showed you yesterday regarding freelance writing as a career. To not waste the valuable knowledge I've obtained from it, I wrote down a list of all the article ideas I plan to pursue in the upcoming weeks.
  3. I made a list of online publications I plan to hit up for writing gigs.
  4. I started reading another book on my book review agenda 
  5. I made a few more networking connections on the Bookblogs site
  6. I finished up a résumé for a new client.
  7. Wrote a letter of recommendation for a friend applying to an MBA program
  8. All while celebrating my hubby's first birthday with me in the USA! <3
Not too shabby, eh?!

I can't believe tomorrow's Monday already! Urrghhhh. Well, ready or not, here it comes. Wishing you all a safe and prosperous work week.

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