Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thanks for nothing, Sandman


Have you ever been so tired, you know you could go lie down in the middle of the street and sleep peacefully, too exhausted to care about impending danger? That's me ... right now. I ran on zero hours of sleep today, and it was NOT fun. Thank goodness I have a lively co-worker next to me who keeps me laughing most of the day. Nabeel didn't clunk out until after 2 a.m. I'm hoping he doesn't pull that again tonight. Mind you, I wasn't awake because of insomnia! I was dead tired, just fighting to stay awake, because it's not wise to fall asleep before your autistic son who tears up the house when he's upset. Then, I got to that point where I was SO extremely tired that I passed the point of relaxation and dozing off and could not get comfy all night. Every single solitary noise re-alerted me, and the grumpy Grinch version of me took over. My poor husband, lol.

Here's an excellent post about how to handle sleep deprivation. Check this out:

But if you ARE having legitimate insomnia, here are a list of things besides sleep aid medication that knock me out when I desperately need a KO!
  • Slow or old school country music
  • Reading
  • C-Span
  • Coffee (Seriously, coffee knocks me out.)
  • Pizza
  • B&W movie
  • Word searches
  • Seeing someone else yawn repeatedly
  • Simply lying down and getting "too" comfortable.
*YawWwn* OK, before I fall out of my chair and onto the floor and into a dream coma, let me share this adorable and funny video with you. It's a sweet little baby boy who seems to be feeling the same way I'm feeling right about now.

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