Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Vocab rehab


If there's one thing I enjoy, it's learning new words! Sometimes, when I'm writing and I find myself repeating a lot of words or phrases, I stop! Never want to come across as a writer with a limited vocabulary! How oxymoron'ish is that. This is why I always read and re-read and re-read what I compose. This not only knocks out typos you didn't catch the first round but also redundancies that can be just as bad. Writers all have their own unique style, favorite words, and tone, so it's not uncommon to keep recycling the same words over and over. I catch myself doing that sometimes, and I try to backtrack.

I have a rock collection, but it's not as cool as my word collection. If I see an interesting word somewhere or hear someone use one, I scribble it down. Or there might be a ton of words I know but just haven't heard in a long time, so they seem new to me again. I write those down. I was one of those word-nerd kids who used to max out my library card, join spelling bees, and read the dictionary for fun. Not a shock that I ended up as a writer in the end, right?

These days, since I don't have time to study the good ol' dictionary, I pick up words in other ways. For instance, meetings. I'm fascinated by other people's choice of words. Today, I heard the words:

- Precocious (advanced; gifted)
- Ambivalent (undecided)
- Salient (noticeable)

Words With Friends is another wondrous avenue for learning words! People come up with the wackiest of words to play, and I have a habit of looking up all the words I don't know. Why not?

In the past week, I've learned the words:

- Anodic (a positively charged electrode)
- Ramie (a plant)
- Urd (a legume)

This is my latest board, and there are several here I need to look up or hadn't heard used before, like: pram, fud, atilt, dex.

Novels! As I read tons of novels, I come across cool words that I'd never used before, and of course, I write them down. 

Well, those are my thoughts for today. If you have methods of learning new words, please comment and share! 

'Til next time. 

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