Saturday, January 5, 2013

We all want to do the freelance dance


As I aspire to make writing my full-time bread-n-butter, I must explore all avenues and weigh every option. I know it's everybody's dream nowadays, but, for me, it's imperative that I find a way to be home more for my son who's struggling with the autistic terrible teens right now. Evenings and weekends are simply not enough to make things happen and get him the help he seriously needs. I sure don't earn enough vacation time to constantly set up all the appointments required for therapy, doctor visits, testing, etc. What is a struggling mom to do? Find a way. That's what.

I bought this book by one of my most admired freelance writers. I find that reading about others' success helps motivate me in my own endeavors. She's one of the highest paid in the nation today. Her track record is mind-blowing! She's written for magazines and businesses like Women's World,, Prevention, Writer's Digest. She runs and has taught many writing classes. Not to mention, she wrote Celine Dion's biography! What a gig, right?! I admire this chick for a number of reasons. She's a determined writer, a great role model who is willing to share her secrets to success (I am reading it right now!), and she is insanely persistent, which is why she's so successful. Think of how many "goals" we make all the time but cease to do anything to make them a reality. Glatzer even battled agoraphobia and panic disorder and couldn't leave her house, so she was pretty much forced to make a living from behind her keyboard. I certainly don't have those conditions, but I do have a potentially violent autistic child.

This book is so motivating! Mind you, it's from 2004, BUT from what I'm reading, it's still pretty relevant  The advice is timeless. The way she writes is very catchy, and you really feel like she's talking to you, specifically. I've read tons of self-help and motivational books, and none made me feel as hyped to get a move on my success plan as this one. It's not just all "be the best you can be" type jabber. She gives you real resources to look up, actual query letters of hers that got accepted and some of what she teaches her writing students. Check her out:

Well, I guess this is a semi-book review, ha! I'll write a more complete one when I'm done reading, but I was so thrilled to share these thoughts, I just had to blah blah blog.



  1. Hi Neesha,

    Your semi-review called out to me as a fellow mom of a boy with autism. I just published my first novel and the long road ahead until I can call my writing a career is worth it. Here's to finding a way. -Robyn

  2. Hi Robyn! Nice to meet a fellow autism mom. Great to hear you have your first book out! It's a wonderful sense of accomplishment, isn't it? Wishing you success in the new year! We'll get there. I just know it! :)