Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Autism vs. Neesha: Glass half full

Hello, lovely people! Haven't seen you in more than two weeks, but here I am again to serve you some word soup. Autism has been rockin' my boat lately, so my writing is lacking. That little blue pill called Abilify was working like a charm, but now we're back to episodes. As my overly positive other half would say, "At least the episodes aren't half as bad as before, and he's not smashing up the house." Me, the cynical optimist says, "This is true, but today's smile could become tomorrow's terror. Life is full of surprises, which aren't always parties." And, as my smartass, so-much-like-me first born would say, "Mom, do you realize that Abilify sounds like a spell from Harry Potter! Stupify! Abilify!" Funny thing is, I actually thought that when I first saw the commercial, long before it was our family's saving grace. To give my baby some credit, though, he is doing better. As an autism parent who likes to live in a place called Realityville, I know better than to send my hopes up on a rocket.

On the "write" side of things, I was supposed to complete my autism book by March 1 (a self-set deadline). Sadly, that didn't happen. I just cannot seem to get "in the zone" after meltdowns. I experience immediate brain-drain and have to find a flat surface to collapse my stressed and exhausted old bones, be it the floor or my bed, whichever one I fall asleep on first. Good news - I didn't finish it, but I did make it to the 75 percent mark of the book writing. I have to interview a few professionals in some different fields that I think could be of use to autism caregivers, and that will polish it off. Hint: interior design is one. So, at least I KNOW what I'm lacking and that it's all I need to complete the writing of my second book! 

I have about eight books in my queue waiting for reviews, which means I have a ton of reading to catch up on. That doesn't stress me out because I HEART BOOKS! I can never have enough books to read. =D I've also been flooded with story ideas. No time to write all those stories, but I do keep a notebook handy to record all this brilliance in hopes I can be a full-time scribe for even a DAY soon enough. I feel accomplished having written a blog post this evening, so do comment, and let me know your thoughts and what you've been up to lately. 

'Til next time (which hopefully won't be too long)!


  1. Good to see you writing again. I love your stories. Let me know if I can help.

  2. Hey Joanie! Thanks for stopping by. I'm trying so hard to upkeep the writing while dealing with Nabeel's constant phases. Now we're dealing with spitting. URGH. It never ends. Hope you're doing well. We should catch up soon.

  3. Calling by as promised Neesha and I will add you to the writers blog roll on my book review blog.

  4. Great to have you here, Lindy! And I so much appreciate an add to the writer's blog roll! :) Keep in touch.