Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Book review: Libby's Liberation by U.C. Husband

Today, I'll review a book called Libby's Liberation by U.C. Husband. I was given the book by the author for review purposes.

Synopsis from AmazonMeet Elizabeth Stanton, my wife’s best friend. Haughty and snooty and how-to-do, she’s the very definition of a rich snob: delightfully misanthropic, wickedly xenophobic and extraordinarily blinkered to the workings of the world in general. She must surely the last woman on earth you’d expect to star in her own exhibitive thread on an internet-based amateur photographic forum – and yet, when she one day very kindly offered to flash me her tits, I put the possibility of a wider exhibition to her and was no less than stunned by the results … ‘Libby’s Liberation’ details a journey of self-discovery, reveling in the empowerment and artistry available to a woman prepared to put herself on show for the celebration and worship of the anonymous masses of the world. As Tom, the narrator, shares and appreciates Libby’s journey into exhibitionism and erotica, he finds himself more and more in conflict with two duelling desires: a fervent wish to remain faithful to his much-loved wife, and a burning want to see just how far Libby is prepared to go … Can Tom and Libby keep their hands off each other? What’s a little nudity between friends? When it comes to loyalty, how far can the definition be stretched, how far may they stray in the grey realm between black-and-white, fidelity and betrayal?

I must admit, this was the first erotica novel I've ever read (unless you semi-count that Danielle Steele novel I read when I was 16 that freaked me out in a good way with all the caressing and groping). So I delved into it with nothing but freakish expectations. I know, I know. Typical. I enjoyed it for many reasons. It was fast paced and is only 25,000 words. I'm a lover of novellas, in case my blog name didn't give that away yet. The characters were well defined to where you could love them or hate them. Married Tom the writer is on an erotic website flirting it up with his wife's best friend who he encouraged to join it and post nude pics of herself. It was his "noble" way of helping her boost her dwindling self-esteem. It worked, and he became hooked on seeing her pics as much as she was hooked on reading the erotic stories he posted there as well.

These two crossed so many lines it was disgustingly sweet. I kept putting myself in the wife's position, and I kept expecting her to walk in on him gaping Libby's photos! This was erotica with a dose of suspense. The story took twists and turns until Tom and Libby ended up close to pouncing on each other but no cigar. They still crossed the line, in my opinion, but that's what made the story. I give him 5 stars because it had all the right ingredients: it made my heart jump, it was well thought out, well written, and I enjoyed the touch of Aussie in the words. A fun story! Check it out by clicking this sentence.

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