Thursday, May 2, 2013

Call-out for submissions about your autism journey

As you can tell, I've fallen way behind on my blogging endeavors. Make no mistake, though. I haven't been slacking (well, maybe a little); I've been working on my second book. It's a non-fiction book about my experience with childhood bullying and my autism journey with my lovebug Nabeel who is now 15 with the inner hulk under much better control. I've experienced so many things with him during these rollercoaster teen years that I feel compelled to scribe them into an inspiring, entertaining, and terrifying tale for all! And since I've been reading that suicide rates are on the rise in the U.S., namely among youngsters who experience severe bullying, I wanted to share some of my personal
bullying stories and how I survived those troubling times in my youth AND adulthood. I always have this inner longing to help others. Since writing is my thing, I am using it for a greater purpose this time around. I have a dozen fiction story ideas that are all on hold for this project.

Need word contributions!

So what I need right now are blurbs from fellow autism families or even people who have autism. I am dedicating a chapter of my book to profile others and their stories. I'd like to keep them short so that I can include many, many - roughly 350 to 400 words - talking about the diagnosis, what has been most challenging in the autism journey and what method, intervention, or therapy has helped the most. Remember, this is meant to inspire others, so if you have something to share that could be of substance to someone else, please contact me about writing a blurb for the book. I welcome your story. We all have to stick together and team up to help other autism families that might need some support and encouragement. I know I was there once! Still am, but I've lived and learned enough to know the ropes.

If you are not an autism parent or close relation but know someone in this boat, please tell them about this opportunity to share their story. My email is, and I can answer any questions.

Help me make this book everything it was meant to be. =)

And, I have gotten back to reading, so all those who are waiting for reviews ... this gal is trying hard to get all caught up. Stay tuned for the next book review and MORE. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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